GWJ night details? (Sorry for another WoW thread)

Ok, I've read/scanned every WoW post for four pages (where I eventually found the "Official" thread currently buried) and I just can't figure it out.

Is the official GWJ night on Tuesday or Wednesday? Is it Horde only of either/or? I'm pretty sure that level 10 is a minimum requirement, but is there a maximum, "please don't go over this level or you'll be too high" level?

Thank you for your tolerance.

In Gamecal it has both horde and alliance listed and levels 8-10. My question who''s playing where? I was thinking of using this night to play horde since my main is alliance, but if no one else is going to be on that side...

Yeah, but is that the ""official"" night? From the comments in the Gamecal entry:

"richyrambo" wrote:
"hubbinsd" wrote:

So, are we still doing this in lieu of the ""official"" GWJ night? I hope so, since I can''t play Tuesdays. But maybe we should try to be on the same server, for Guild''s sake...

Yeah, this will be the lame non-Certis night

So are there two official nights and one of them isn''t Gamecal''d? ...or is this in lieu of the Tuesday night WoW originally proposed by Certis.

My game night is Tuesday along with Karla and anyone else who wants to play. The Wednesday night thing is something else and I have no idea what the details are.

There are two ""official"" nights. Tuesdays is Certis'' open invite night to play with his group (see link above), Wednesday will be a semi-regular get together.

This first time out we will hook up into groups of five and head out into the wild to kick some tail, beat some quests, and have a little fun. You''ll meet some of the folks you''ve been chatting with and hopefully make some new in-game friends. Expect this first meeting to be very informal.

Ideally I''d love to see the GWJ night be the time we try to tackle instances such as Ragefire, Defias, etc. But this is down the road and depends on how my organizational skills for this type of thing pan out.

Thanks for clearing that up, guys. I guess if they were both on Gamecal, it would have been less confusing to my feeble mind.