Unofficial secondary server for WoW?

So I was in this morning on Blackhand playing my n00b Undead Warlock. My pet dies and I try to resummon him 3 times over the course of 10 min with no luck. Then I attempt to relog to see if that clears it up and now I can't pull my character list on Blackhand. Incidentally it's the only high pop server in Central at the mo. So have we come up with a more or less generally accepted server to play on when Blackhand is down?

I know that slambie and grumpicus and I have a character on some Pacific server but I forget the name, I also have one on Cenarius(Pacific), as well as whichever East(I think) Coast server has an apostrophe in it(as do some others).

Actually, I''ve got chars all over the place. I wonder if there''s an easy way to grab that info from the client somehow.

Sorry I couldn''t be more specific, but I was fishing until 1:20am and the Ducki Prince gave me a wakeup call at 7:30.

That sucks Jad. The game ran 99% perfect yesterday. My character list won''t come up on Blackhand now either. Oy.

After reading some comments on the official boards, it seems maybe we got unlucky with our server choice.

I''m playing my alt on Cenarion Circle (Pacific) right now, human warrior named Eton. Come play if you wanna, guys.

"duckilama" wrote:

I know that slambie and grumpicus and I have a character on some Pacific server but I forget the name...

It''s Shadowsong.

I was finally able to get on Blackhand yesterday for a few hours with no problems at all even though it was listed as high load.

If it''s down this morning I''m going to go ahead and create a couple of new characters on Shadowsong since I only have one Horde char on there now and it''s the same as I''m playing on Blackhand.

I just logged into the server fine, it''s 10:46AM CST now. I don''t think I''m going to worry about having a second server. Blizzard will get things sorted out soon enough and if Blackhand is down I just take it as a sign to play something else or do something productive

Besides, the guilds are on Blackhand!

Yeah, Blackhand came up not long after I posted. Just got 2 levels in a short time. Time to spend some time with wife though.

I have a character on Teleran (Mountain) and the population seems to always be LOW.

This is one thing that bites about the server system of these MMORPGs. I realize that it has been a fact of life since the dawn of the genre but, it''s sure nice to be able to log into Guild Wars, play any character I want, talk to anyone in the Guild who''s logged in, etc...

The ability to move your character would add SO much to the viability of the server system in my opinion. Instead you get scenarios like:

""Let''s play WoW! We need a priest!""

""I have a priest, but he''s on Archibald.""

""Well, my main char is on Goofalot.""

""I don''t have a char on there. Let''s start new somewhere together!""

""I only have a couple hours and want to do high level quests.""

""Oh, uh I guess we can''t play together then, even though we both have high level characters. Bye. Back to soloing in my MMORPG.""

Keep in mind I''m only reluctantly playing a MMORPG to begin with though. It just seems to be a pretty big flaw in design.

I have to agree - it would be nice to be able to move a character around easily...

It just seems to be a pretty big flaw in design.

I agree. I remember EQ (not that I played THAT game) having a service where for a certain amount of online money, you could take your character over to another server.

Or wait. Come to think of it, that was Final Fantasy. Or maybe both. I don''t know.

I like this route. So people aren''t doing it willy-nilly, but to where they CAN do it, if they want.

I agree. I remember EQ (not that I played THAT game) having a service where for a certain amount of online money, you could take your character over to another server.

It was $50 to move it in EQ. Hopefully we will never have to leave Blackhand.

Bah I dont want to have to pay for it - make it easy for me... I just want to log in and play with little to no effort :). Speaking of that - have the servers been up all day? I figure they have since very little posting excpet for me from work :).

Currently Blackhand is one of only THREE servers that have a wait queue to enter, and it''s the only non-PVP one. That''s out of 18 or so in Central. It''s really annoying and quite unlucky.

So does that mean we can have a set Propagandalf on fire party :)? Just kidding Propa - luck of the draw so to speak... I imagine that as the new server farms come online it should mitigate the issue.

Well, I''m back at the house and trying to get a start but Blackhand isn''t happening. I''ve tried twice and there''s been a 30 minute queue both times. The fact that they are bringing more servers on line makes me think that the cap isn''t going to be raised for existing servers. I''ve been trying to find out what other serves people are playing on but it seems to be a couple of people here and there. Bah.

Weird double post.

Well if the Blackhand server is still full up when I get home I will try Feathermoon as a Druid or Undead Priest... I already have a NE Rogue on Feather moon

Ok, I am really, really, really angry about Blackhand. I just got home from Thanksgiving with the inlaws and I''m in a 300+ queue with over an hour wait. If this is going to be the typical Blackhand experience then I''m moving on.

I really think we need a new official server in the Central timezone.

Do we have a confirmed secondary GWJ server?

EDIT - If I can''t get onto Blackhand I''m going to make a Horde character on Shadowsong.

Okay, I''m pretty much done with Blackhand. I can only play evenings and I''ve been trying to get in most of the night. The few times I actually got in, WoW crashed on me (not sure why, but thats another story). Now I''m trying to get back in and its 118min to get in. I''m patient, but that is just insane.

What I do is login to the game early, much before I intend to play. By the time I''m ready it''s through the queue and waiting at the character list.

I''ve been playing Blackhand in the mornings and Shadowsong in the late afternoon/evening. Since I do most of my gaming on the weekends, that strategy for Blackhand access just might work for me. I''d think over time, though, that Blackhand will settle down and not be as busy as it is right now.

Edit to add: But I agree that it''s intensely irritating not to be able to get in there in the evenings.

"SpyNavy" wrote:

So does that mean we can have a set Propagandalf on fire party :)? Just kidding Propa - luck of the draw so to speak... I imagine that as the new server farms come online it should mitigate the issue.

Hey, I didn''t pick Blackhand!

This really does suck, though. I just got back from going out and the wife has a buffy DVD to watch so I sit down to play and guess what. 450 player queue. Argh!

Ugh, number 264 at the moment on the Blackhand queue.

It sounds like people are going to Shadowsong for Horde and Cenarian for Alliance. Is that right? I am very tempted to start over on a new server but I''m pretty sure things will resolve themselves, especially once those 4 overloaded servers come back up.

I just started a horde character on shadowsong. An hour wait to get into blackhand is insane.

Waiting sucks but I still prefer it over grinding early levels again, I don''t think Blizzard will let the que be a long term solution. If I ever think to make a third character I may look to Spellsong or something, we''ll see.

Well, I tried Blackhand on opening day and had a huge queue. No way am I waiting 30 mins to play when there''s a ton of other servers. Currently playing on ... uhh ... some other eastern server with friends and having a blast. The only lag I can recall lasted for less than 30 seconds and it''s far and few between, and we are having a great time playing!

I''ve played a total of 20 hours and gotten my druid up to lvl 15. I understand the newb levels stink, but it might be easier just to pick a new server and grind it out in a night or 2 rather than having to deal with waiting for the server to pan itself out, which could take quite some time.

At 3 AM MST, Blackhand still shows as HIGH for population. The other server I''m on, Terenas was LOW all evening (and pretty much all the time).

At least there''s no queue right now for Blackhand, but it is the only Normal server with a high population right now (a few PVP''s are as well). The trouble is, I''m getting quite attached to my Blackhand characters and thus find myself waiting for 20 minutes in the queue instead of playing my Alt.

I''m getting deja vu from this thread. Let me present my feeble attempt at a Certis-style summary.

Invested many hours on Blackhand: log in early, it''s not that bad, have patience, no f''n way are we starting over some place else.

Invested many hours elsewhere: Blackhand sucks, let''s pick a new server, no f''n way I''m waiting in that queue.

No surprises here.

This is exactly what blizzard wants us to do!

They''re putting the queues on the high cap servers, to get people (preferably in large groups) to move to less populated server.

I don''t really care either way, as I haven''t even started playing my GWJ character yet, but I think the wise thing might be to stick with it, at least as far as the GWJ nights are concerned. I''m soloing and doing other small groups on other servers, but still keeping Blackhand for GWJ stuff.

And, can we settle this, like, right now? I''m looking to put some time into a GWJ character this weekend for the GWJ night this week, but don''t want to do it on the wrong server. Unless someone says definitively otherwise, I suppose I''ll just go with Blackhand.

Warlock, I Blackhand is here to stay. Many people (including me ) have put a lot of time into their characters there and don''t want to move on. I also agree with Certis that I don''t think they will keep the caps/queues around forever. Yeah the wait sucks, like someone else mentioned if I''m trying to get on at night, I just login half an hour before I actually want to play, then when I come back I''m good to go.

Has anyone seen an official number from Blizzard on what the cap is?

My concern with Blackhand is we are using it for our official night, but we start at 9:00pm, which is primetime. The queue will probably be around 30 minutes, so some people might be delayed getting in.

So if I show up tuesday night with a lvl 1 tauren because thats how long it took me to login everyone will keep me alive right :).

Just kidding. I wonder how we happened to choose one of the few servers still dealing with a queue. Must be karma or something. Certis we''re you some evil world power in a previous life?

And I thing the decision is that we are sticking it out. I would vote otherwise but I''ve only put 6 lvls into Blackhand so I likly don''t count.