Opening Day WoW Stuff

"Certis" wrote:

Oh SlyFrog, I do so enjoy the sarcastic half apologies. Thanks ;)

You found a half apology in there?

Here ya go boys, some levity....

Are the servers still down?

Seem to be, the login feels different somehow though. More... flavorful.

I wouldnt know being at work and all, but I here naked NE''s are sexy, but Tauren''s are the hotties - nice udders or something like that....

Blackhand has been down for at least 3 hours now ...

It''s funny, Xfire shows five people on WoW but no one can login. Squatters!

My wife went shopping. Shopping! That means I could of been playing ALL day!

Oh gawd, I need help.

"SpyNavy" wrote:
substantial and material breaches to the basic ability to play the game as sold.

Spoken like a true lawyer...

I can''t turn off the lawyer chip . . . IT WON''T SHUT OFF! HELP ME!

OK, I bought the damn thing yesterday. All the hype finally got me.

I haven''t been able to log onto Blackhand at all. I created a char on Teleran (Mountain) and can''t get quests or buy/sell items right now. Which is a drag because i was finally able to grab some loot as the loot lag died down for about 20 minutes and I actually had fun.

As a MMORPG n00b, this is pretty frustrating. I''ve never had to deal with this type of thing before. (OK, a bit in Diablo II) I think that Blizzard are in a pretty bad spot right now because a LOT of people who picked this game up are like me, new (and reluctant to begin with!!!) to MMORPG''s. We haven''t been ""trained"" to accept the realities of a game launch this big. Consequently, you''re seeing an uprising of pissed off people who don''t have a frame of reference for MMORPG''s that tell them this is ""normal"".

My only gripe (besides the fact that the servers are down) is that they still show up in the friggin Realm list with a population of ""Low"". I mean.. if the server is down, shouldn''t it disappear from the Realm list? It''d be nice if it was gone while it down and then appears in the list when it''s back up. That way they wouldn''t have thousands of people constantly hammering their login servers trying to get in.

I am beginning to be glad I am at work because given my limited playing time due to this awful work thingy I would be righteously pissed if I was unable to logon - so hear me now Blizzard - bring the servers up by 2330 EST or Certis better be ready for some ESPN - I will get my gaming fix...

bring the servers up by 2330 EST or Certis better be ready for some ESPN - I will get my gaming fix... :)

You just drop me an Xfire son, I''ll take you to school!

Swampy beat me right after I beat you that night... Brad johnson is either en fuego or should have Reaper shank him. Streakiest QB I have ever played - but the defense - Lordy be :)...

Yesterday I had no problems or complaints. Today is a different story. This is not a good launch. If I was in charge of the ""world server"" where I work, I would be looking for a new job.

Johnson? I''ll shank him for a song!

I figured you would and depending on how he plays opening night I may need you to shank him.

Yeah, this is pretty disappointing... I try not to be a Bliz fanboi and get super pissed, because it IS new and all... but neither of my main servers work, and the one I COULD get onto was an embarassment... probably because that''s the one EVERYONE is on.

I really expected more from Bliz, honestly...

Go on five hours of downtime... I''m missing prime gaming hours!

I am about 10 minutes away from being level 10 and getting my void walker, servers come up!

Ok guys, Im getting really scared.

I was totally lagging playing my NE Hunter on Blackhand. Gaald suggested I run to darnassus. After about 5 minutes of lag i did this. Ok, so the server caught up with me so I went back to where my group mates were to try and finish the harpy quest. Bam! I get bombarded by harpies and my groupmates cant heal me. Aha, so I guess the server decided to remember to kill me. So I select to go to the graveyard and Im thinking to myself im gonna res there. There is no way Im going back to that region to get my corpse and risk lagging out again. Well, I didnt even get the chance. 2 minutes goes by and Im still not a wisp. Im just sitting there able to pan around my dead body.

So I decide to alt tab and ctrl alt delete and end task on WoW. Done. Well, I havent been able to retrieve my character list on blackhand since then. I am really nervous that my character list is corrupt and that I will lose part or all of my characters.

I have had no problems playing on a couple of different servers since then. I have seen the naked characters at character select screen on other servers. Blackhand is not listed in either the servers that are being taken down nor on the recently been fixed and put back up list when you sign on. Someone tell me something positive.

I guess its not all that bad as long as when I get back on, the newbie areas arent swarmed again so I can get a NE up to 10 in a hurry.

I will not be left behind no matter how many characters I decide to play!

Your toon should be fine - this has happened for and happen many times in beta - patience was the key when I experienced this...

One of my servers (Zul''jin, Eastern) gave me about 10 minutes of lag when I tried to get to my character list. When I looked in the server list, it didn''t show that I had anyone on that server. So, I flipped out. But, after the 10 minutes, it loaded fine.

I''m sure your characters are okay. I doubt the characters will get wiped.

That said, I think Bliz should extend our month of free-ness for all this. I mean, if they were nice.

You should be good player data I suspect is on a very safe server. Just gotta wait this stuff out I guess.

Well not experiencing it, but hearing the tales of woe I have to agree Blizz should extend the free time until it becomes solid and playable daily at anytime - peak or off peak...

Okay. They are still there. I left it running and posted a few things while it was retreiving the character list. Then I checked and walah, they were all there. Server is still down btw.

Well Certis - looks like football for you and me if the servers arent back up by the time I get home hehehe....

I suspect Blizzard is frantically plugging in a ton more database servers into the grid. The world ones seem to be fine, but the database that tracks loot, bodies, etc seems to have been overwhelmed, from what I can deduce. Give them a few days and they''ll be fine, if that is the problem.

Are all the servers down or just Eastern and Central....

Can''t log on any server right now. How disappointing the first couple of days have been...