\"Halo 2 Day\" on G4TechTV tomorrow

So tomorrow's day of G4TechTV programming is all themed for Halo 2, with reviews and coverage everywhere.

That's great.

And yet, nobody that cares is going to see any of it, because everyone that cares will be too busy.... playing Halo 2.

Who was the brainiac behind that? It would've been awesome to have all that programming TODAY, to get me pumped up for midnight.

I''m guessing MicroSofts idea, you know the whole ""nothing Halo 2 leaves a store until the 9th or we send hordes of 20th level accountants and lawyers wielding +20 pencils and +25 lawsuits to your house"" thing.

Besides, I don''t think most of us fanatical enough to show up at Midnight to get ourselves the game give a darn what they say about the game, we''ve already decided

I''ll be surprised if they didn''t have a special Live X-Play somewhere for this. They should''ve, if they don''t.