Games that won't let you go...

SimCity 4 has always looked so interesting to me. I never got over the fact there is not a demo available. Really pissed me off.

Thats a good point. Can ya borrow it maybe? Its cheap enough at this point, you can probably find it used even. Make sure you get deluxe or buy the rush hour expansion if you do decide to buy it. The rush hour expansion greatly improved the balance and polish of the game (not so much bugs as tweaking to the simulator) - it brings the game to a state that it probably should have been at release - so anyone who found SC4 impossibly hard should give it another go with the expansion. I was impressed they sold the expansion for just $20 Canadian when it came out - plus it had a mail in rebate making it cheaper still.

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"fangblackbone" wrote:

Mech Commander 2

Diablo 2:LoD

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

i think me and you are the only ones who really loved Mech Commander 2...

Man that game was awesome... I just wish they would hurry up and make another one

I still play Enemy Territory...its on all my PC''s and at work..when I get frustrated I''ll play for an hour to get some anger out

So maybe you can answer a debate I had once upon a time. Can a mech with an all LRM build out beat a mech with jump jets and medium/small laser build out?

Games that will never leave my hard drive:
Civilization 2
Thief 2
Unreal (1)
Master of Magic. Dunno why this old game still intrigues me.

""Modern"" game: City of Heroes! It''s yet to stand the 5 year test of time though.

It''s funny to see Starcraft referred to as ""old school""

But then I think about what''s come since then, and I realize it probably could be considered old.


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X-Com, ten years later and I still have it installed on every computer I use at home and work.

XCOM junkies are everywhere. That game left wrecked lives and sleepless nights in its wake. My equivalent would be Fallout. I ate, slept and obsessed about that damn game.

That''s pretty much the same for me too. Except X-COM doesn''t run on my computers any more (I guess I would need some sort of an emulator to slow it down). And I''m shamed to admit that Fallout looks too pixelated today to really play again. I did try few months ago though. I guess those 15 times I finished the game before will just have to do.

I also have a soft spot for economy management games. I dunno why, but I love my Settlers, Railroad Tycoon, Tropico, Patrician, etc games. I can spend hours on those things, just wasting away and trying to beat ... ghosts in the machine.

Oh, and I forgot, I was a total CS junkie for about 2 years, some 4-5 years ago. Looks like I may become one again.