The obligatory \"What kind of car do you drive?\"


I did a search, and found many a thread discussing cars, and particular models of cars. What I did not find was a thread where everyone was just to list and or post a picture of their current ride. If there's an old one already and I just suck at the internet, I'll delete this and revive the old post with my reply.

My current ride:
2003 Infra-red Focus SVT 3-door
1 of 1010 Total Red 3-door models built


My current non-4 wheel ride.

2003 Honda VTX 1800 Retro.

2004 Maxima SL


I don''t really drive, here''s the only shot of my ride that I have:

The only shot of the family car (really the wife''s car) I have is this one. It''s the light blue Matrix, second from the last:

I am not going to post pictures for fear of the mocking, and the fact that they are really dirty, but

a 2000 Honda CRV (mine, babies first SUV)
a 2002 Kia Sedona (wife, yeah mini-vans....)


No picture.. nothing fancy.

Just a 1997 Toyota 4-Runner. It''s paid off and has just under 100k miles on it. As long as it makes it another 100k I''ll be happy. That''s all I care about. Car payments suck.

2004 BMW 330i

I dont have a pic and my car isn''t really worth taking the pic of. I just have an old 1996 Saturn 2 door. It is ok and I really liked it when it was new. Since I have taken up diving though I really want something a little bigger. Car payments do indeed suck though so I will probably keep it for at least another couple of years.

Boo to you Eezy! I searched for ""my car"" and came up with all kinds of threads, but not that one.

It''s use of ""rides"" is what threw me off. This one''s gotten started I think though, so how about we just let it go eh?

1998 Ford Escort.

Not fancy, but it does the job pretty good.

"Strekos" wrote:


You utter bitch.

2000 Celica, Blue

Chevy Cavalier 02, Dark Green. Very nice car for that price range.


Public Transit for this sad sack.


VW 2000 Passat GLX
No picture handy though, I''ll see what I can do about that. It''s a nice ride :).

1998 Mustang Coupe Forest Green (wouldnt mind replacing it with an ''05)

My Hyundai ""0wnz0rz"" your cars!

Guess this is Gamers With Low Paying Jobs.

Not, LITERALLY my car, but the year, make, and color of the one I drive:


For work, 2003 GMC 3/4-ton HD with Allison transmission. My dream truck.

What I own, ''96 Subaru Outback. Take it everywhere, thing''s unstoppable.

You know, I like the look of those newer Chevy Cavaliers, I don''t care what anyone says. Damn sexy. Probably will be my next kind of vehicle.

For the time being though, I''ve got my 2000 Ford Focus. Nice little car, good on the gas mileage.



Ford Streetka, but in Black. I haven''t took a picture of it, being quite dirty and all that at the moment

Damn chris. Nice ride. It''s like they took styling cues from Nissan, added them to a two door focus, and then made it a convertible. And it''s awesome.

And actually upon a second look, the tail end looks like a Lexus SC430 convertible''s back-end. Not just a little either, but not a bad thing at all.

Still awesome. Wash it and post pictures!

''83 Honda Ballade 1.3L

I really need a new ride :(.

My car''s almost exactly like that one, save for being right-hand drive.

I''ve got access a sky blue one of these whenever I want:


I don''t drive often anymore; been catching the tube to work for last few months.

Posted previously, I believe, but here it is anyway. 2001 VW Jetta in Silver Arrow.


An older pic, before the front bumper valence was replaced with Euro-spec 4Motion one and painted silver as well.

"Garrad" wrote:

I am not going to post pictures for fear of the mocking, and the fact that they are really dirty, but

Errr.... You mean the cars are dirty right? Or do you mean the pictures are dirty

I drive a nice POS chevy cavalier and my wife drives a lovely POS Chevy Venture

The wife has a old but fairly trustworthy ''96 Escort Wagon for her and the kiddies, I ride a 98 Suzuki Savage 650.