Hi. New Kid on the Block what?


From bright eyed exuberence to crushed resignation: 22 Hours 8 Minutes!

Well done, team! Kill to Warlock!

Whew.... I really thought this one was gonna stay for a while.

Nicely done Warlock.

(Applause for Warlock)

One of the more amusing threads. Good work sir! I bow to your skills.


Is he going to leave now?

It''s just tough love, baby!?

It''s just that sometimes I get so scared, Kevin Nealon... scared of losing you...

(No one will get that reference)

I like helicopters. I like gladiator movies. And he rest of that statement. However, laser beams on the gladiators helmets is the pinnacle of gladiator/helicopter movies.

Sounds like someone needs a good dose of ""Blood of Heroes"". Awesome film. No lasers, not *really* gladiators, but...you''ll see.