How old are all of you?


I'm sick, and all I have to do is read forums and listen to my enormous playlist. And idle minds breed... you know... stuff.
As such, recent discussions have made me curious: How old are all of you fools?

I think that I probably weigh in on the lighter end of the scale, I'm only 19.
To elaborate a bit more, I'm going to Simon Fraser University and working part time on campus.

If you ever see me on TeamSpeak, feel free to call me Graham, since hearing people say the name Morrolan out loud is very wierd.


And just to get these out of the way:
"OMG I'm 19/f/blonde/like kissing and hanging out with freinds wanna date? im bi 2."
"I enjoy long walks on the beach."
"I'm not gonna tell you stalkers anything about me. My ego is so large I actually think you will track me down solely based on my age and stalk me."

K, go.


[edit] I''m not scared of being stalked by any of you. I''m fairly sure that''s a bannable offense.


OMFG, I''m 32!

When the hell did that happen?



27, for all practical purposes (just give me 3 weeks and I''m there).

26 just turned 26 last month.

HAHA! You are all SO old. 19 right here baby.

HAHA! You are all SO old. 19 right here baby.

I couldn''t tell, shocking.

I''m older than all of you combined.

What? Was that not the most mature of statements?
Hey, it could have been worse. It could have been:
"" H4h4, u r s0 0ldz. 1 rox0r. n33n3r.""

Actually, I almost feel bad when I surf the forums here. All this talk about careers and wives and responsibility. What a drag for ya''ll. 8)


24 and a few months.

Body: Drinking Age.
Voice: James Earl Jones baby.

I''m 19. Seems like there''re quite a few of ""us"" in this forum no? Demos''s 19 as well if I remember correctly.

3-0 (it sucks), 31 in 2 weeks!

22 going on 75.

I collect my honoury bus pass next week.

22 as well.

24 - nearly at my quarter century. Apprantly this is the ideal age to start parralising your face with botox!

The period of time for which I have been present on this strange planet enumerates to 27 full rotations of this planet around the star.



28 But I feel like I''m about 57 when I''m at work and 18 at home.

Pred, I think you could steal JEJ''s voice work, so good for you ^_^

Anyway, I''m 19 going on 20 in December. Wow, I thought everyone here was a bit older... like 30ish... except for Mex... don''t surprise me that he''s in his 20''s.

I''m with Certis on this one - I''m just far to old.

Notice all the young buckaroo''s were the ones up posting late. I think the results are, at this point, a bit skewed as a result. I''m -sigh- 27, but even that year''s almost up. Lookout, young punks, you''re gonna be posting the same thing *really* soon. And, as necessary, I will now bring the ''old icon'' count to 5 (with many more to come):

20, although the people on the board I admin regularily refer to me as ''angry old man''...

I''m not ashamed -40 years old, old, old.*
My wife is 34 though. Heh.

*But my bench press and half marathon time is better now than when I was 25. Honest.

28, but I''ve always told people ""14 going on 40"" ... which is probably in the same vein as paint''s comments.

35... but still going strong.

well not really strong, more reliably fast

reliably fast, when all the kids sleep through the night

and there are no colds in the house.

and no one has bad dreams...

dammit, I am still going turtle fast, there you happy

I''m 26.

Actually, I almost feel bad when I surf the forums here. All this talk about careers and wives and responsibility. What a drag for ya''ll.

Yeah I hate the fact that I never have homework anymore. I also hate the fact that I make enough money to buy games, go out to eat, take vacations, etc. without having to eat ramen noodles all the time. Not to mention I don''t HAVE to be in close proximity with a bunch of people who all look the same and wear trucker hats. Such a drag.:cry: