\"Oh no, you can't rent it, but we have it for sale!&quo

Alright, everybody is getting their crash on with Burnout 3, and needless to say I'm pretty hyped up to play it. I'm very cautious about buying console games, due to how little time I actually spend playing them, and now have begun to only rent games.

There's only one place in town that's really worthy of renting games from, and every time there's a new release their Buy rack is chalk full of 'em. Of course their rental rack has BO 1 and 2, but absolutely no copies of number 3. I walk over to the buy rack, and there's about 8 copies stacked up in there. They have no copies of BO 3 to rent, and I'm sure they weren't all rented out or anything. Because they keep the retail cases on the shelf, and rent out the games in generic cases.

Is this a common practice, or am I just suffering from having only one good place to rent games and them taking advantage of that? And yes, I was very tempted to just buy it.

Where do you go to rent? I can''t think of anywhere that rents games out and also has a decent ''to buy'' selection...

It''s all down to the publisher, afaik. If they''re not selling any copies for people to rent out, noone will have it for rent.

And not letting people rent a game in the beginning of it''s life cycle is just smart business.