Who should I marry?

yeah, in the unsanitary conditions of the Slams'' kitchen floor!!

still no pics?

From left to right: Brandi''s mother, Mellisa, Edwin, Edwin''s sister, Brandi, Edwin''s lawyer, Brandi''s mother and Edwin''s basketball coach.

I said she was turning 19 soon, not that she is 19. But that too is a lie. This is taking alot of guts to say, but in truth Brandi is 17.

This is taking alot of guts to say, but in truth Brandi is 17.

Keeping it in your pants and controlling yourself would have been guts, not admitting it on a message board.

Respect level.... dropping! This thread is a sham Edwin, attention grabbing at best. 17?? There''s no question, let the poor girl go. Christ.


"slambie" wrote:

As for Edwin, he clearly needs a spanking. :wink:

That would be quite the role reversal coming from the 17 year old.

And now, for the obligatory situational joke.

So this girl, after being propositioned by a guy, says, ""Hey, aren''t you a pedophile?""

To which the guy responds, ""That''s a pretty big word for an 11 year old.""

Thank you, enjoy the buffet, we''ll be here all night.


but in truth Brandi is 17

Uh, yeah. Half your age. A 50 year old man and a 30 year old woman is one thing. A 35 year old man and a 17 year old girl is predatory.

Did you just confess of a felony? I think we''ve crossed into P&C.

You''d better hope she''s not the revengeful type when you cut her loose. You are cutting her loose, right?

I take everything back I''ve said. Don''t even look at her funny ever again.

I just proposed to Brandi and she accepted! I held a party with everyone I know and we caught it all on video. I just need some time to encode it. Please keep in mind that since Brandi is young she does have some skin problems, be nice.


Mods: Please move this thread if you desire.
EDIT: Please dont kill me.

Frankly. I didn''t find that funny at all.

That was the f*cking dumbest joke ever.

"Edwin" wrote:

EDIT: Please dont kill me.

Oh, no, we won''t kill you. The massive bloodloss from our tearing your guts out, that''ll kill you.

Well Edwin, I''ll be sharing a laugh with you about this on Live later I''m sure but I''m banning your forum account for the rest of the week none the less. I can see the humor but this isn''t something I want to encourage in these forums. You''ve toyed with people''s emotions and flat out lied to me and others about it over Live. Not cool.


I get his eyes!

Oh how shocking. I just can''t believe people took that thing seriously. I''m out of words really. Be pissed at yourselves for beeing so freakin naive and give Edwin a break, that''s the least you can do.

lol.. I never once posted in here cause I knew from the beginning this couldn''t be real and I didn''t want to get caught up in it. But man what a wild ride. It did drag out a little long though...

Man. Kidding around about statutory rape, which to me as a parent goes hand in hand with child abuse and pedophilia...

That''s a new low for these boards. And particularly, after reading one of the current threads about people''s age, and seeing so many talk about their kids...

In my opinion, when you mentioned that, and I quote, ""I said she was turning 19 soon, not that she is 19. But that too is a lie. This is taking alot of guts to say, but in truth Brandi is 17.""

that''s where you REALLY crossed a line. A line I had never seen anyone even come close to on these boards. And all for a joke. Yep, that''s one hell of a punch line there, man. SERIOUSLY uncool. If I come across as being judgemental, I truly apologize to everyone else out there. It''s a huge credit to these boards and the people who are on them (and of course Certis and Elysium running and moderating them) that I had come to think of these boards as above the rest of the mindless posts that we see all too often on the net these days.

I''d love to think that it was a joke gone bad, and it probably was. But for you not to step up and admit it, as opposed to the direction you took it...bragging about nailing someone who''s not an adult...that''s just sad.

Again, I apologize to anyone my post might offend, but I wouldn''t have been happy with myself sitting on the sidelines and not saying anything when I felt it so strongly. I truly mean no anomosity toward you or anyone else, Edwin, but I felt it had to be said.

Dude, you just blew the ""half your age +10 rule"" totally out of the water..

I thought it was half your age +7. I''ve never heard of the half +10. Must be applicable in a different jurisdiction.

In any case, Edwin . . . seriously.

I knew it!

As far as I know, it''s half your age plus 6. 19, round to 20 / 2 = 10 + 6 = 16. 50 / 2 = 25 + 6 = 31. Seems reasonable to me. At half your age plus 10... I''d only be able to date girls 6 months older than me. :\\

As to this: I kinda suspected, due to the utter lack of realism in your responses to some of the things people said to you in this thread, but I wasn''t sure enough to ''call it''. So, you got me. *clap clap*
And give the guy a break. If you think talking about stauatory rape is worth a 6 paragraph post on how he ''crossed the line,'' I hope and pray you never get to hear me joking around with my buddies. There''s a world of difference between words and actions. I''m all for a sick joke, [though this one dragged on a little long.]

I didn''t even watch the video, I just read all the reactions. Sounds pretty sad to do such a thing to folks who thought they were trying to help.

This squishy, slurping sound is Edwin right here raping the ""sancity of marriage"" thing! Oh, never mind.

I never did really dig practical jokes.

So, ""Atlas"" is a very popular sports team here, but they''ve not won a single national soccer championship for at least 50 YEARS. I''m not sure why they have fans left.

So, an Atlas fan is speaking with his friend, and goes ""You know, my dog is like human. When our team loses, he goes to the garden and cries a little. When they tie with the other team, he goes to the garden, sints down for a while, and looks like he''s thinking about something.""

And the friend says ""So what does he do when your team wins?""

""I don''t know, we''ve never seen that.""

badum pstssss!

I think that was a better joke anyway.

A dog goes into a telegram office and says ""Excuse me, sir, I would like to send a telegram.""

""Certainly. What would you like it to say?""


""Well sir, I notice that''s only six words. We''re having a special this month where you get seven words for the price of six. How about I tack another woof on the end of your message?""

The dog looks a the clerk for a while like he''s confused and then finally says ""But that wouldn''t make any sense at all.""

"Edwin" wrote:

OT: Rantage - Hows your kid doing? Growing big? I havent had the chance to talk to you or the old clan in a looong time.

Which one?

Big one is in pre-school, little one is starting to talk. Everything is chaotic this week, since we''re closing on a new house tomorrow.

But regardless, I''m living vicariously through you via this thread.

"1Dgaf" wrote:
OT: Rantage - Hows your kid doing? Growing big?

His kid wouldn''t happen to be female, would it?

LOL. No, both are boys. So I''m pretty sure they''re safe from Edwin.


That was the greatest thing ever. Even Edwin getting banned for a week was outstanding. It''s a shame that it all had to end. *sigh*

Question: How do we get a good ol'' southern lynching started?

Even though most suspected, I had to give the benefit of the doubt...hate to say it...but I''ve known people in situations probably somewhat close to Edwin''s proclaimed dilemma - so had to offer non-sensical words of wisdom. Oh well, c''est la vie (and to hell with the Frenchies to boot...)