Who should I marry?

I''m gonna say that this is one of those Internet fictions that get bandied about every now and then. Either that, or the plot for a porn flick.

*bow chica bow-wow*

I say since you want kids you could marry the 35 year old and adopt the high school chick.

Ask Optimistic if you need a witness.

I would, but he doesnt have a mic for xbox live.

Oh and shame on all of you saying nasty mean things. Edwin comes to us for help. He needs us and what do some of you do?

Um that being said, I''d say take the older one, you know more likely what your getting. Marry the high school chick and in 4 years she may decide she wants to be a monk..err monkess?

"Certis" wrote:

I vote they dump you and make out with each other in front of a web cam....

....in the kitchen.

Actually, I say neither of these ladies is for you. Instead of marriage, you''re going to use them for sex until you''re nothing but a empty, spent shell of a man. Then 30 years from now you''ll find a sugar momma while cruising the carribean and live happily ever after for another 6 years before dropping dead of a heart attack while giving the Mrs. the ol'' Aunt Jemima treatment in the kitchen. You''ll die with a smile on your face but will not have reproduced to pass your genes on to the next generation.

That''ll be five dollars, please.

while giving the Mrs. the ol'' Aunt Jemima treatment

Good God In Heaven, slambie... I... well hell... I guess I''ve never heard that phrase before.

"Reaper81" wrote:

I guess I''ve never heard that phrase before.

Are you telling me you''ve never seen Stripes, Reaper?!

In all seriousnes, if you have to put things up to a vote, either way you will be making a horrible mistake.
Wait untill you know which one you want.

"slambie" wrote:
"Reaper81" wrote:

I guess I''ve never heard that phrase before.

Are you telling me you''ve never seen Stripes, Reaper?!

I get it now! 10 points for the referrence, Samb!!!!

The hell with marriage. Ménage à trois!

Just how old is this HS senior?

Do they know about each other? Becuse if not, then you''re out of luck with both of them more then likely.

She is about to turn 19. Trust me, I have enough problems as it is I dont need legal issues to trouble me.

Edwin, this may sound like I''m attacking you, but I''m not. I just want to relate my own experience in life, and I''ll add the caveat that the following comments are based on my personal beliefs and philosophy.

Granted, that should be obvious without me having to state it, but I just want to be clear.

A very good friend of mine in college was a girl who was much like ""Brandi"" sounds when she was in high school. And she was also dating/seeing/whatever-you-want-to-call-it a man about your age, with an attitude that was similar to what your initial post and subsequent posts.

She still has, to this day, serious emotional and psychological problems due to the situation with her family and the damage caused by such a casually-taken relationship with the older man.

I see everyone joking about it here, high-fiving you for getting a young chicka and all. I can certainly understand that attitude, as this certainly ranks up there in our youth-and-sex-obsessed culture.

But, having seen what a situation like this did to such a wonderful girl, I only get angry hearing about stuff like this, and don''t find it funny or amusing in the least.

Again, I can only go off of what I''ve seen in my life, and given what I''ve seen, I say you need to break things off with Brandi for her sake. If you care about her, and if this is anything like what my friend went through, then do it. If not, well... that''s that.

As for the other girl... several people have already alluded to the idea that, if you don''t know who to pick without consulting people, then neither of them is the right woman, or rather, you''re not the right man for either of them. If you''re going to marry someone, they need to be of exclusive importance to you.

Seems to me that, if you weren''t satisfied or dedicated enough to either of them to be in a monogamous relationship yet, then it''s a bit early to be deciding on who you''re going to marry.

Though... if marriage isn''t to you what it is to me (a lifelong dedication and partnership), then this is all a moot point.

Anyway... while these comments may not be nice, happy, fun ones like most of the ones I read up to this point, I felt it would be irresponsible of me not to state my mind. I hope this doesn''t engender any animosity between us; you''re still a fellow GWJ''er, and if i didn''t respect you, I wouldn''t even waste the time to make it clear to you that I don''t intend to offend you with any of these comments.

More than anything, I just ask that you try to step back and really think about the situation as a whole and consider everyone''s needs and feelings in this matter.

"Edwin" wrote:

I shall make my decision Monday night with pictures of the two.

Sorry, dude, if you need to make your decision based upon pictures, you''re not ready for marriage.

BTW how long have you been roommates with these two ladies?

I have to fall in the category that says ""If you''re asking us, you shouldn''t be getting married."" That''s just me though. I''m with Farscry, take a step back for a little while first.

I have just three things to say:

1) WTF?

2) If you have to ask the internet who you should procreate with, you don''t deserve to.

3) Seriously. What. The. f*ck.

"Edwin" wrote:

She is about to turn 19. Trust me, I have enough problems as it is I dont need legal issues to trouble me.

19?? senior in High School?

I graduated HS at 16


"TheGameguru" wrote:

I graduated HS at 16

Hey look, I just found a pic of GG in tha webernet:

And, Edwin. That HS chick''s gotta be totally nuts. She ain''t nuttin'' but trouble. I agree you can''t marry either of them though, dat would be whack. So, here''s what you need to do. Post their pics, get both of them at the same time, post those pics (with you blurred out or not even present), then celebrate the ultimate victory as a man (young chick AND a threesome!), then jump off a cliff and die a happy man. Maybe give the finger to society on the way down.

C. Neither


There is more to a relationship life than doing the nasty... like playing games :-D...

Go with someone that you enjoy time with outside of the bedroom or public change room or hot tub.

Ask Slambie, in the big scheme of things you are going to be spending far more time with a person talking than the other.

[climbs on soapbox]
Oh yeah, and if you have to ask, you are not ready.
[/climbs on soapbox]

become a Mormon, move to Utah and marry them both, or become a Muslim and move to an Arabian state! Either way I fear for you live expectancy though, having to fulfill dirty deeds up to nine times over.

Jokes aside, If you have to ask others, then neither is for you. Btw, do these girls know that you have a relationship with both of them? Could come in as a bad surprise for your marriage plans, if they do and both are agreeing it is good the way it is.

I shall make my decision Monday night with pictures of the two.

naked please

Did I wake up in Bizarro world?

"Edwin" wrote:

I came here as a suppliment to what all the advice my buddies in real life will give me. So believe me this is not the only place I seek opinions.

a) 35

Dude, you just blew the ""half your age +10 rule"" totally out of the water..

Also where do you like so I can send the statuatory rape police over to ""interview"" you.

Am I the only one that took this thing as a joke? I mean it''s obvious he ain''t serious... right!?

So look what have you done yall. Shouted the man down. I know this whole thing is quite disturbing at the very least, but at least you could have waited with your retorts until after he posted the pics and everything. Instead, you totally shouted him down and now he''s gonna be upset, will take the ball home (excuse the pun), and won''t post these pics for us. Great job you did, guys. :\\

What happened, Ed? You''ve always seemed so level-headed. Why did I get the impression that you were already married with a family? Though I''ve heard that the older you get, the crazier things you do for teenage poonani.

Gotta go with D. RUN!

EDIT: I hope you''re right, Rilla.

This seems very out of character for Edwin doesn''t it? Can he really be taken seriously here?

On the other hand, marriage has become a very non-committal thing in our world these days. It is quite possible that it simply doesn''t hold the same meaning for Edwin as it does for some of the rest of us. I think if it did, then we wouldn''t be seeing this kinda of poll on our website.

"Reaper81" wrote:

As for me, I''d pick Mellisa but I''m all about the brainy intellectual types.

I used to be down with the brainy, intellectual types until I realized I needed to have just one thing over the woman.

"baggachipz" wrote:

Hey look, I just found a pic of GG in tha webernet:

No, that''s Lawyeron back in the days of the Dole ''96 campaign.

This is a strange thread.

If it is serious, I say marry neither. You''ll know who when it''s time.

April Fool''s is very early this year.

Phragged, I believe that female monks are known as nuns. Although monkess does have a certaine cache.