GWJ Fantasy League Draft Wednesday!

Just a reminder in case you haven't seen it on GameCal. Our league draft is tommorrow night at 8pm CST.

Don't forget to pre-rank your players in case you can't make the draft. And try to be in the yahoo live draft lobby about 10 minutes before the draft starts to make sure everything works.

See you guys tomm nite!

Geesh for what ever reason I am not showing as part of the league

Do we have a draft order yet?

I finished my draft this past Saturday and it went pretty well. Everyone make sure to check on recent injuries from this past week!

#5 Baby, # 5.

This is for ESPN 2005 right? Not the ""real"" GWJ fantasy draft?

No this is the fantasy league on yahoo, Optimistic Commissioner

It''s on the CAL

Thanks! Might want to post in the Everything Else forum too since that is where the original sign-up thread was. I know I almost didn''t check this thread in here because of all the ESPN recent coverage.

Nobody take Priest Holmes, he broke his leg in practice yesterday!!!
Just kidding.

"Flux" wrote:

Nobody take Priest Holmes, he broke his leg in practice yesterday!!!
Just kidding. :P

Thanks for that early morning heart attack, he''s my cornerstone in my other fantasy league.

I''ll be there, possibly with bells on if I can find them.

How long are we planning on this taking? It''s scheduled for 2 hours, but at 340 picks, that''s 21 seconds a pick. At a minute a pick, we are looking at 5.6 hours. Since I have the first pick, I may just take Priest Holmes and go to bed.

These drafts always go longer then two hours...always.

If we were all autopicking it would be done before it started...

No autopicking for me.

This is my first draft (yes, I''m a FFL virgin), so it is normal for them to go over two hours?

How long do we get for each pick?

Well, for every person that takes their full minute, there''s someone who takes less than 5 seconds. Yahoo actually lets you set up a queue during the live draft so that if a player is still available when it''s your turn to pick, it takes them right away -- which means less waiting for everyone else!

I will use my full minute.

Just because it''s mine. And there''s NOTHING you can do about it.

Is there any sort of enforced time limit? I predict pandemonium!!


<Runs in circles flailing arms ane screaming>

Due to this lasting well into the night, I''m ranking my top 50 players and putting myself at the mercy of the pre-selection computer.

With 20 teams, they should be pretty evenly matched.

Yup, not going to be here, just going to have to pre-pick and pray.

<charlie steiner voice>""Follow me! Follow me to FREEDOM!""</charlie steiner voice>"" (best episode ever)

Karma - the top 50 players won''t even guarantee that you get who want through the THIRD round!

Stupid 20 team league!!

I''m probably not going to be able to make the draft. Truthfully I kind of liked doing it in the forums last year, but for a twenty team league it would have taken too long.

I know...but with a 20 team league all that is left in the 3rd round are 2nd and 3rd tier players anyway, and with a few exceptions the computer picks the highest ranking from last year which is what most of us would do anyway.

You guys need to extend the draft over a couple of days. Don''t even try and put a 1 minute time limit per pick on it. I recommend the forum draft like last year, honestly it is crazy to think you could do it at that pace and in one night. IMHO

I read on yahoo it is 90 seconds per pick.

I''ll be on TS for this!

Can someone post a link to the page where we need to be?

Click on enter draft now and a window will pop up.

The draft room is open so you guys can join at any point.

Looks like I can''t join from work =-( so I won''t be there for a bit guess i''ll have to leave the first round to yahoo.

We''re on the TS server as well if anyone wants to join.