Oddworld Stranger

The newest installment of Oddworld is coming soon.
I must say it looks very nice, I was wondering when they would announce the next Oddworld game.
I wonder if Abe will make an appearance.

Look, squirrel launcher!

I''ve never been a particularly BIG fan of Oddworld... its ""puzzles"" revolve too much about standing in exactly the right spot and doing exactly the right type of like a jump or something at exactly the right moment or die.

I hate puzzles like that >_<;;

That''s one pissed off looking squirrel.

Hmmm.. Not so happy about this. I was one of the few that really enjoyed the last Oddworld on Xbox, and was hoping for a souped up version for the sequel.

Luckily, I''ll get to check out Stranger first hand at an EA press event here in Sydney on the 2nd of September. Yay!