Win XP SP2 & Game Conflicts has a news story related to this MS Knowledge Base article #88413.

Just briefly looked at it- seems important enough to call attention to it.

ROFL! Even Office XP and Outlook are on this list. I''m glad I haven''t installed it yet.

Thanks for posting this, this reminds me to disable auto update here at work before all hell breaks loose.

Yeah I had it installed but it disabled Microsoft''s SMS (remote control portion) so I couldn''t get to any of the desktops here. I had to uninstall it post haste.

I like that AOL 9 is listed

I''m actually surprised that the list isn''t longer.

I''m actually surprised that the list isn''t longer.

I read that the list is 200 apps. That seems like a lot. Additionally, I bet there are a lot of legacy apps that were not tested, so the real list probably IS longer than the official(read: tested) list.

Still, quite humorous.

I don''t have any plans to install this.

I put it on my laptop at home but I don''t do much but surf on it. After I disable the security dashboard (the first thing I did on reboot) it was like the old XP. The popup blocker is nice in IE and I know I should use Thunderbird instead but mainly I wanted to see what was in store for the future for work purposes.

I''ve already made me a new XP Install CD with SP2 slipstreamed in.

I have it installed, and I also have several of the games on the list installed. They all run perfectly. Most of the issues are with the MS Firewall, which I have disabled because I already had a different software firewall installed. It''s very easy to disable, and fixed the one and only problem I had with SP2 up until that point.