GWJFL Now in Week 2

You have until August 26 to play your week 2 games.

Marlin is out of town so we''ll probably play on Friday or the weekend. Hopefully it will be a repeat of our last game

Looking forward to week 2 even though I seem to be marked for injury this week for some reason

So where are the standings?

OK, I learned tonight after freakin'' ESPN failed to record either of SimPilot''s victories over me that the commissioner (me) can award a victory, so if any two players have a game that they can''t play, or played and got disconnected before it was recorded, if they both send me a PM I will give the winner the ""W"" as I did with Sim - I could not stand to lose to him a 3rd time.

Good game, Sim.

Ye gods, both I and the Jets, suck bigtime.

That sucks, I had that happen in the Evil Avatar league also. The worst part is the stats don''t get recorded also.

Yeah, it does suck. Sim and I earned the stats we had. I wish ESPN would fix their servers, or WTF is causing the problems.