HL2 Dialogue Leak

I've read over at Gamespot that the HL2 dialogue has been accidently released along with the CS: Source Beta.

According to reports, the dialogue is embedded in a .gcf file sent out along with the beta. Apparently, it was included for closed-captioning purposes and was overlooked because .gcf files aren't meant to be opened. Obviously, it was not meant for public eyes and contains numerous spoilers about the game, including its (surprising) ending.

Time for a Nelson Laugh.


HL, Half Leaked.

You just know there''s some forehead slapping going on today at Valve.

That said, I''ll avoid spoiler news altogether. This is no worse that finding out the script to a big upcoming movie has been surreptitiously posted. Happens all the time, and doesn''t really devalue the long term movie either way.

""No, Gordon. I am your father.""


""I''m... your father! I''m your father! I''m... your father!""

""Knock ''em out the box, Luke! Knock ''em out! Knock ''em out the box, Luke! Knock ''em out!""

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