Port Royale 2 Demo

Another one from the 'no one here really cares about it'-department: le Port Royale 2 demo. Should be available at other file mirrors pretty soon. We did cover the title here, Elysium did report on the prequel here.

I played and enjoyed the first one. I''ll have to check it out.

I''m really excited about PR2. Can''t wait to try out the demo.

Looks like it could be quite interesting. I''ll have to check it out when I have a chance. Thanks for the heads up, Spunior.

I loved the first one, thanks for letting us know!

I''ve been playing the hell out of this demo. Alot of fun if your into trading/empire sim games. Having a bit of trouble with the combat part though. I was playing the one training scenario and had finally gotten a big ship and about 400k when the game shut off and said demo limited to one year. Grrrrrrrr

Oh gawd, something more to take a look at...where''s the time!