Madden Online Quitters

Remember, people come online to complain, not to praise

No doubt. All right.. looks like I have a plan of action for this weekend. Hopefully will be seeing you guys online with some NFL 2K5 so I can get my ass kicked and say thank you sir can I have some more. If/when you guys do a second season I might have to jump in on that action.

(some day I''ll figure out how to use that handy preview button so I don''t have to go back and edit every friggin post)

I have the Netgear wireless G router and nary a problem, laptop and the Xbox are wireless and the office PC''s are hard wired... My networking skills arent that swift so if I can do it anyone can.

"simpilot" wrote:

Post the tag so we all don''t have to go through it as well. We should keep a list of quitter...

My guess is he was playing Steve Spurrier.