Desert Island Diskettes

OK the implausable situation is this; you are to spend 5 years on a desert island by yourself. All food and living requirements are accounted for, all you need to do is choose the 5 games (and relevent systems to run them) with you. What do you take?

My choices are below.

1) Championship Manager 4 (PC) (well this game never actually ends you see!)
2) Civilisation (PC) (Any of them really, they were so damn good!)
3) Red Moon (ZX Spectrum) (the classic text based adventure)
4) GTA Double pack (XBOX) (Some days you just want to hurt people.
5) Deus Ex: Invisible war (XBOX) (I've never played it but it looks cracking!)

I''m assuming that because it''s a desert island, multiplayer is out of the question

1) Half-life (PC) - Best single-player shooter ever
2) Call Of Duty (PC) - Second-best single-player shooter ever
3) Morrowind (PC) - So long and tediously huge that I couldn''t finish it. I imagine as a castaway I have plenty of time.
4) X-Com: UFO Defense (PC) - Greatest of all turn-based strategy games, never the same game twice
5) GTA Double Pack (XBOX) - As the man said, some days you just wanna hurt people.

You didn''t say if we''ll have net access... that probably changes the list significantly for many, especially the MMOG crowd.

No net:
Morrowind(maybe I''ll finish it finally)
Civ3 Conquests(though I hate the actual Conquests)
Call of Duty
Simpsons Hit & Run(PS2)
Elite(C64 or emu)

Enemy Territory replaces CoD
Joint Ops replaces Morrowind
DAoC replaces Civ3
Simpsons and Elite remain

Though, with the release schedule of this year, if you ask again in December, Call of Cthuulu will likely edge out something, and possibly A Vampyre Story by the ex-LucasArts crew.

Well, if you have to ask for right now:

1.) Half-Life
3.) Gal Civ
4.) Medieval: Total War (Assuming I get shipwrecked before Rome comes out)
5.) System Shock 2

Seeing as I eat, drink, and crap multiplayer this is going to take me a few minutes.

1) Morrowind: Made it so far the first time, why can''t I just finish it?
2) Microsoft Flight Sim 2k4: Fly myself off of the island...for a few hours at least.
3) Medieval Total War: Bought the game, played for 15 minutes, put it down. Saving it for a day when I don''t have internet access.
4) Railroad Tycoon 3: Even if no-one''s looking, I''ll still make the pulling-the-train-whistle gesture.
5) Half-Life + Expansions: Need some type of fps goodness. Might as well be a good one.

Let''s see:

Diablo II+ LOD-By the time you play all classes, through the expansion, you''ve got 5 years of gaming.

Half Life and Expansions (yeah, i don''t have it installed-I''d finally get a chance to play it!)

Rise of Nations & Expansions-Best RTS evar!

Ghost Recon & Expansions

This is a difficult question, primarly because I''ve rarely played any game long enough to know if it worth taking to a desert island. Those I have played long enough I would have finished - and I don''t replay games I''ve finished.

So if I can''t tell you the game because I''ve not finished it - and if I finish it I can''t take it, what am I to do?

My ''game'' would be Twister. The offline version. I''d also take along a bottle of babyoil and, since no humans are allowed on the island, a selection of Real Dolls.


1. Deus EX (PC)
2. Half-Life + Expansions (PC)
3. Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)
4. Tales of Symphonia (GC)
5. PGR (Xbox)

or Tetris... that game will last for ever! D