City of Heroes

I'm in, and I think Xek is on his way. I'm either doing the global friend requests wrong or it's not working, because it's saying the names don't exist? Anyway, my player name is fogrob and my toon name is Sergeant Liberty.

The friend requests is wonky. I haven't gotten it to work when people are offline.

I've been meaning to ask, is there a way to invite my alts into a supergroup without another member online who can send invites? Can't find any info about it.

There's a command for SGI but offline. But I think /SGI works. It might just depend on if you have spaces in your toon name.

We had discussion about it a few pages back but next time I logged in my alt was in the sg so it apparently worked.

The command is /altinvite character name

Thanks, I couldn't find that anywhere.

Rainsmercy wrote:

my global is @ Rainsmercy, Javamancer is @ Javamancer. My time is kinda sporatic right now till after thursday.

Mna Grok here, looking for an invite.

What’s everyone’s favorite quest?

Terra Volta!

The alignment mission where you've been charged with terrorism and other stuff, and you end up fighting an evil version of yourself.


And then an assassin who's been hired to kill you instead kills your double.

They don't really explain where the duplicate came from. I hope later alignment missions expand on that, since it's a fun idea.