City of Heroes

Its a small server, not on par with the original boxes, so take it gently folks, and don't get angry if things don't spawn when you expect them to, or you get booted or hang forever when zoning into an instance. After all the press this week, the likelihood of the poor box going bang a lot is very high.

The discord is a great resource for what's going on server-wise. It can be found on the sidebar of the Reddit page. My understanding is they're working to roll out a second server but I'm having trouble finding the details.

The server really seems to have turned into a mostly functioning version of the game. I played a little this morning, and some the other night, and had zero issues with lag or disconnecting.

What's remarkable is that they have done in a few days what took the original developer of the private server a few months to do. They're on track to having a issue 24 package for deployment in a few months, meaning we could see private servers popping up all over the place.

I heard a rumor floating around that NCSoft responded and basically said, don't release any personal information or characters, and we'll give you the yellow light to move forward with this project. That would be interesting.

And yes -- the Discord is great resource. They're working on the code through the discord, and many people are offering troubleshooting for any of the various bugs people are facing.

The live (non-test version) of the server starts April 27th, which is the 15th anniversary of the game. Would love to see a GWJ supergroup!

Heroes With Jobs reunion.

Annnndddd it's dead.

My understanding that the person running the server pulled the plug and deleted the code they'd worked on, setting the team coding it back pretty significantly. Sad to see it!

There should be some sort of server coming back, but maybe not as quickly as this one came up.

Edit: It's back, for the time being. Heroes with Jobs returns! Maybe.

The fact that this is even a topic of discussion is amazing to me. Bringing back COH/COV would be one of the biggest gaming comeback stories of our generation. This was my very first MMO and introduced me to the world of online multiplayer. I built my first PC just so I could play it. So many good memories.

I miss the game so so so very much along with my fire blaster with super speed named Amuk. (He was running a muck.....) Champions Online and DC Universe online are poor substitutes for it. They are ok, but i don't have nearly the fun I had in CoH.

I've never had a game like it since.

On a side note, servers are back up, and there are now four of them because 8,000 people were trying to play at the same time. Pretty insane for a game created 15 years ago that's been dead for 7 years.

The game runs just like it did when it was up years ago, which is awesome. AE, chat, auction house, etc. are working.

Dammit I might have to actually try it now

I have to try this!

2 weeks until finals....I can resist....maybe....

Last night was the first time I got a full session in. My hero thug/kinetic mastermind cleared Atlas Park of the Hellion gang menace and moved on to King's Row. I met with a local police detective who gave me a radio to monitor for criminal activity. Moments later another hero (scrapper) broadcasts for assistance with responding to radio alerts. Myself, two scrappers, a controller and a defender respond. We spend the next two hours clearing warehouses of criminals.

At the end we responded to a bank heist. Steamrolled our way to the bank, scrappers leading way. Heady with confidence we enter the bank and clear the lobby of thugs. Suddenly, the big boss charges out of the vault. A martial arts/super reflex villain who cons purple to the group. In one volley, two scrappers and the controller go down. I consume all of my remaining inspirations and send my minions in. They go down valiantly while the empathy defender resurrects our fallen team mates. I empty my pistols at the foe and spam heals and buffs. The next few moments is the whole group desperately engaging the boss. He finally goes down and my heart is pounding.

The whole time my mind is processing this as panels of a comic book flashing by. I remembered why this game is so freaking awesome.

Oh man. So tempting.

Downloaded it last night and rolled up a couple of clones of my old timey heroes. After playing for an hour today, this feels like the casual mmo I've been missing.

Ok, y'all are filthy enablers. Guess I'll download it this weekend. Going to see Endgame tonight.

Ok, I have to do this. Where exactly do I download it and is there a guide for joining or is it super easy to do?

jrralls wrote:

Ok, I have to do this. Where exactly do I download it and is there a guide for joining or is it super easy to do?


Link Since there is no trademark oversight I imagine we'll see dozens of Avengers clones, smacking down those snotnose Hellions.

I'd forgotten how well CoH captures the comic book art style of the 1980s, its sparse by modern standards but dozens of heroes can battle in the same area with little lag.

Stele wrote:

Apparently some test server is up. Haven't tried yet, but here are the instructions I found from an old CoH Facebook group I'm still in:

1.) Download and install the Tequila client from the Titan network or the magnet link.

2.) Register an account on the score forums.

3.)Once you sign into your forum account proceed to the account creation portion of the website using the following link.

Once you have created your account all you have to do then is wait. When the server comes up the Tequila client will update and you will be able to log in using the account you created in step 2. If the websites are down DO NOT PANIC, just wait a couple of mins and try again.

Again, I cannot stress this enough, This is a TEST server, there are over 3000 of you, and a lot of you will not get in at first. There WILL be bugs, there WILL be crashes, and we will be using this data to create a more stable client for everyone to use.

From the first page, thanks Stele!

Running Man wrote:

Since there is no trademark oversight I imagine we'll see dozens of Avengers clones, smacking down those snotnose Hellions.

Ahh heck no, Amuk will run again! The giant purple fire blaster will thwart evil doers once again!

I'm on the unofficial RP server, Everlasting. Anybody want to team up tonight?

Running Man wrote:

I'm on the unofficial RP server, Everlasting. Anybody want to team up tonight?

Yes! I love to RP in MMOs. Just have to figure out how to join.

[enable]Everlasting is the unofficial RP server. Indomitable is the unofficial PvP server. Queues are pretty short. They have 250% XP bonus through the weekend to encourage folks to use the new servers. Torchlight and Excelsior servers are very, very busy. [/enable]

I've been playing on Torchbearer the past few days. I held off as long as I could, but I'm only a man.

It's been great going back to that world and those characters. The most surprising thing to me is how well the gameplay still holds up by MMO-standards. I don't think any other MMO has made group PVE so accessible and fun as early in the leveling process.

I've been playing Champions Online for about the last year and a half, and a huge chunk of the community has gone to CoX. Playing with them in CoX is a lot of fun, but CO is almost dead right now. I don't know how long that'll last, but it's been interesting to see.

Also, FYI, there's a big effort in the community to get the i24 version built and ready-to-deploy. I'm pretty sure that once that happens, the i24 servers will be more popular than the i25 ones (which are the ones up now) for various reasons. So I expect the community will either splinter or move en masse to the i24 servers.

That's a problem for the future, but something to keep an eye on.

What's the best server for pve/non rp?

What's the difference between I24 and I25?

Rainsmercy wrote:

What's the best server for pve/non rp?

IMHO it's Everlasting. RP is by no means mandatory. I have yet to run across an Rp'er. I left Torchlight because of the insane (2,000+) queues.

Is that where most people will be from the guild and can you form guilds in this version of CoH?

Javamancer wrote:

I've been playing on Torchbearer the past few days. I held off as long as I could, but I'm only a man.

Seriously. I revived this thread after all. But I can't avoid it much longer

Oh and downloading it now, super excited! Rainsmercy on the boards there. Though I probaly won't play tonight, going to see Endgame at 630 pm central.

Yes, you can form supergroups.

The versions of the game:

* i23 -- this was the last version of the live game

* i24 -- this was the beta version Paragon Studios was working on for the i24 release when the game was shutdown. This is the version that was leaked to SCORE about 6 years ago. It is not currently playable, but this is what people in the community are trying to turn into a launchable server.

* i25 -- this is the version that SCORE has been working on for the last 6 years, with their updates to powersets and gameplay and other stuff. It is what the current 4 servers mentioned in this thread are running. Patch notes are here:

The long term problem with i25 is that apparently SCORE hasn't released the source code, so the community only has the binaries and can't update them. The binaries can be launched as a server, but there won't be ongoing development unless SCORE decides to help out, which based on my understanding they don't want to do for fear of getting their own private server C&D'd by NCSoft.

So the current servers are running i25, but efforts to get i24 launchable are underway so we have an opensource codebase to build from for the future.