Manhunt seized by German jurisdiction

The news (in germany only yet, sorry):

and the offical justification scanned also in German only so far:

In Germany §131 (english link: regulates the production and trading of material depicting cruel and gruesome acts of violence. This § was given as the reason for the seizure. You can read up on the youth protection act in english here, for those who are interested how the system works:

Back on the topic, what do you guys think? I haven't played the game yet, but from what I have read, this is material where I cannot understand the motivation for creating such a game.

From my perspective preventing people from aquiring such material is always critical, because it usually does raise the interest more within the group of minors than it does anything else. But I honestly cannot say after reading up on Manhunt that I mind the seizure of the game. Maybe my definition of fun is somewhat strange, but I cannot see the fun in finding the most gruesome way to kill innocent persons and watching the execution from as many angles as possible.
Yes its a game, yes no real people die, but honestly what's up next? Take the role of a child pronographer in his constant search for the next victim? This game clearly crosses a line for me and seeing the current dulling in society against violence I begin to see that they have a point. Should there be an instance that can under extreme circumstances restrict access to material even for adults?

Take the role of a child pronographer in his constant search for the next victim?

Who''s publishing it?

Sorry, just joking, I agree. I think that there has been a distinct lack of taste and restraint in some games released lately. But, its our fault. Media is a two-way mirror and they will produce what will sell, the only real way out of it is to boycott these types of games... but I don''t see it happening. I didn''t play Manhunt because the screenshots looked disgusting, but some people dig those types of things. As far as restricting adults'' access to these types of games, I think that is a horrible idea. I do not support the government ""legislating morality"" when they begin to tell me what I can and can''t like I start cleaning guns.

Games are the closest thing we have to interactive movies so far. Some of them are good interactions and some aren''t.

I haven''t played Manhunt so don''t know the nuances of the game but have read some reviews and such. While it''s probably not the most cerebral activity and maybe a bit depraved I don''t quite get the uproar. Some of us love going to see Jason flicks (or we did when they were good!) but even those that don''t like those flicks don''t stop others from seeing them provided they are over a certain age depending on content. If the male 18-35 demographic was all it''s made out to be then why are romantic comedies still being made? Because girls have money too, anyway that''s a different topic.

I think the rating system does a good job policing itself, I haven''t seen any games that have ''lied'' about their content on the rating system. But since this is a whole country where values are different (and past history shows there to be some sick motha''s inhabiting its lands but they''re here too) then I guess it''s up to the populace of that country to fight for change of its policies in this regard.

Some people like horror movies, others do not. When you compare this game to some of the horror/gore movies I have seen it''s pretty tame. People go to horror movies to watch violent, creative deaths - I''d assume that''s the draw with Manhunt.

I didn''t get into Manhunt as I was already ""Stealthed"" out from too much Sam Fisher, but my draw to the game was the tension it created. And add the mic to the mix and it bumped that up a notch. (especially when my girlfriend would make a loud noise on purpose and the goons would hear me).

Then again, you can only play these types (or Silent Hill, Fatak Frame) for too long before you need a dosage of good, wholesome, clean fun

Cuz'' you never can have enough good press!