3 days an addict: Championship Manager 03/04

My vison is weak and blurry. I've a headache from staying up late and my hand is cramped into some kind horrible claw.

As I've said before Championship Manager 03/04 isn't a game it's an excel spreadsheet with interesting sounding row and column names. In fact it fails one definition of being a game as it has no victory condition and should instead be called a simulator.

Just one short game I said. Friday evening. three days later, with twelve hours of sleep I blearily look around, wondering what day it is.

But yet, somehow, it manages to grab your interest, and hold it for hours on end. It induces the "just one more go" syndrome as never before. The problem being that "one more go" means waiting for up to 5 mins while other game results are calculated. In fact, a very large portion of the game is made up of waiting for completely inconsequential matches to be resolved. But yet it works.

It's not like I havn't got better things to do. My thesis, due in a months, is only half done and I still havn't sorted a job for when I'm finished

And that's what the games all about. Superimposing hopes and expectations on database entries. Hoping this set of numbers will go up, or don't drop too much. But it dosn't seem like it when you're playing. You want to see if that young striker you picked up on a free transfer comes good or if that aging center back can grind out another season, holding the defence together.

I managed to beat it. I managed to finish the nevering cycle. After being fired by the teams board due to an ultimatum issued over lack of funds to pay players. I was done.

I uninstalled the game. Deleted the saved games (a culmination of several hundred hours of gameplay.

Went downstairs, drank a beer and lapped up the emissions from the non-interactive audio/visual entertaiment device.

The flaw with the game is that it is too much of a time consumer. It's no good to play for 10-30 mins. Nothing happens. To get into it, you've gotta give 2-3 hours of play time. So that's why I'm saying goodbye to this game.

Hi. My name is Eoin. I'm a championship manager addict.
It's been three days since my last game

I tried. I went two weeks cold turkey. Then Euro 2004 started... then I starting hearing new names... started wanting to buy players, to tweak tactics, to snatch that 16-year old midfielder with the huge potential out from under ManYoo''s nose.

I''m back at it again now, but I stay productive because, when i''m waiting, I Alt-Tab out and do something else. That said, i''m still playing it religously. Hell, i''m playing it as I type this.

And I love it. God help me if I get EHM.

EHM ? European Hockey Manager ?

Yeah, the alt-tab option would be good, except my laptop is just about good enough to run CM so anyother applications (beyond notepad) are kinda out of the option.

No, what I found it that no matter what team I started with, I''d always end up with roughly the same team after a season or two (babangida, papa waigo, onwuachi, oliseh, aaron lennon, schmeichel and montolivio). After which winning games isn''t so much a risk as an inevitability. And this is with smaller teams (wolves).

The randomly generated player database isn''t much fun because they tend to produce players with wierd/unrealistic stats (29 year old centerback with a strength and stamina of 1 was one of my favourites).

Not directly related, but still: Winning Eleven 8 (aka Pro Evolution Soccer 4) promo video - not direct feed though - available right here. Can''t wait to get my hands on it next month!

See, I always look for variety. Also, I started very very low. With Chester City in the Conference. I also turn off Work Permits, only because I think they''re ridiculous and i''d like the option.

My randomly generated youngsters have been pretty cool so far, and i''m having a ton of fun watching Adriano tear up the premier League tot he tune of 68 goals in 2 seasons.

I''m just having a ton of fun. Also, I write a story thread about it on another site. Which probably helps.

EHM = Eastside Hockey Manager

I''ve been playing this quite a bit lately, and it has the same black hole pull as Champ Man does. Just one more game to see if Kovalchuk can break that 50 goal barrier, or if the Pens can catch the Flyers for that fourth place spot, or to see if that new prospect is any good...

It''s still in its infancy and not quite as polished as CM, but it''s a very nice change and not quite as abusable thanks to the NHL trade system, so you can''t just offer oodles of money for a player.

I can feel the inevitability of the next CM and/or Football Manager pulling me already though. No more going out after work for me when it arrives.

"Spunior" wrote:

Can''t wait to get my hands on it next month!

Oh you lucky sonsabitches. You''ll all be enjoying the best Footy experience on the planet and i''ll be debating whether my need to crush ManU will force me to buy FIFA 2005.

And it still looks awesome.

EDIT: I''m almost dissapointed that it''s only another 3-4 months until FHM drops. If ony because i''m still having a ton of fun with 03/04. I still haven''t won the World Cup or Champions League, and i''d like to grab those in this first before upgrading.

Of course, with 03/04 and CM4 as examples, it''ll take SIGames about 4 more months after release to finally patch the game to the point that most of the most annoying problems are solved.

"Prederick" wrote:
"Spunior" wrote:

Can''t wait to get my hands on it next month!

Oh you lucky sonsabitches. You''ll all be enjoying the best Footy experience on the planet and i''ll be debating whether my need to crush ManU will force me to buy FIFA 2005.

Pro Evo Soccer 4/WE8 will be released over here later this year. It, however, will be demonstrated for the first time in Europe at the Games Convention in Leipzig/Germany next month. And that''s where I''m going to be as well.