Poll: leave on or shut off?

Wondered what your thoughts were on leaving your system on versus shutting it off.

Depends on where I am. I''ll leave my computer at work on all the time, but my computer at home gets turned off when I go to bed.

We used to leave ours on all the time until the fan went out on it when we weren''t home (back in the days when PCs didn''t go into a power-save mode on their own). Now we power our PC down over night and when we''re at work.

I leave them on until I get memory errors

Since I''m such a download whore, I leave my on 9 nights out of 10.

I don''t know about should but unless I know I''m gonna be away for a few days mine runs 24/7.

Depends. If I''m going to be out all day or if I''m going to be out for a short time on a really hot day, I leave it off. Otherwise, it stays on until I go to bed.

I usually turn it off at night but leave it on all day long.

Here is some interesting info from Microsoft on this matter: http://www.microsoft.com/smallbusiness/issues/technology/hardware/do_you_need_to_turn_off_your_pc_at_night.mspx

I usually leave my computer running 24/7. I remote desktop into my home machine from work occasionally to stuff.

Sometimes I dont reboot for 2-3 days. This week my PC was off for about an hour.

I probably havent turned my computer off more than 4 hours in over 3 years. I have gotten quite used to the sound when I go to bed. It is very soothing.

Mine goes on when I come home then is shut off when I go to bed... unless I''m downloading something. My work PC is on all the time.

Mine is usually on all the time, except when I know no one will be touching it for 12 or more hours, and that is not very often.

On 24/7 baby. Usually if I turn it off that is when the problems begin.

On at work, off at home for practical purposes only (unbearable noise).

I leave mine on, but they have Standby modes which, for all intents and purposes, is off.

Can I vote twice, too? I almost never turn off my work PC, but home one I shut off.

My PC is almost never off. Hey, there''s an eyelash in my milk. Hope it''s mine.

leave it on. If my power wouldn''t go out and I didn''t move my linux boxes would have uptimes of over a year by now.

Off at night. Saves some power (and thus money) and there''s no reason why it actually should be on. And the 30-40 seconds it takes the machine to boot don''t kill me in the morning, especially since there are also other things I can do at the same time.

I usually turn mine off if I don''t have it doing something all night long. If I know about when it is going to finish whatever it is doing, I setup a task for it to shutdown at a specified time (usually about 30 miniutes after I expect it to be done). I usually only turn my computer on about once a day, and I hate using the power save features because they seem as hard on your hardware as just powering off and on do. Now at work, those things stay on 24/7 unless they break.

Leaving it off is the answer for me. Since I use it maybe 20 mins. a day on average (unless I''m gaming that day), there''s no point in wasting electricity, exposing it to additional hacking/virus opportunities, and lowering its expected life by keeping it on 24/7.

I''m with Spunior, it''s off whenever I''m not using it due to high prices of a certain monopolistic half-assed government controlled electricity provider in Malaysia

Not exactly overwhelming either way. But most of my buds on here leave it on so maybe I''ll go that way.

Off. Especially with always on-line cable modem.its not so much the hardware / power usage as much as the security i guess.

I''ve only recently started turning mine off.
My wife shuts hers off as soon as rain starts, but I read somewhere(usual disclaimer with that sort of statement) that turning it off is worse in the event of a spike than leaving it on - something to do with terminating or grounding or completing the circuit or something.

Anyway, with WinXP (Home) being so stable, and me having a well-built box, I''ve gone WEEKS at a time without a REBOOT, much less actually turning it off. I think that''s a testament to both my Alienware and the improvements MS has made in (consumer) Windows over the years.

That said, I''ve recently decided that the power cost is too great. I know, when it goes into stand-by mode, it doesn''t use ""much"", but it does continue to put off heat, as does my old CRT, and with my office being upstairs and on the northwest corner of the house and the thermostat right outside my door, I tend to trigger the AC more than any other single appliance upstairs.
Also, I''m one of those people that can ""hear"" anything electrical. I can know when the TV is on, even if muted. I know if a fan is on or off. And the whine tends to give me migraines more often.
So I turn it off now.

Edit: Evilroy - install ZoneAlarm. There''s a handy little ""Kill all Network Activity"" feature. Nothing in or out.

We always leave our two PC on, sure. Even overnite. Our Creative Wireless Music in the bedroom feeds off our PC in the office, and when we retire to bed the missus might just be in the mood for a little romantic music and things.

I too am a downloading hore so its on 24/7. Unless I finally finished downloading the internet, then I just turn it off.

Arise thread!!

So we're about to move to a place with no air conditioning. It's a tad cooler than here most of the year, but I'm concerned about my PC. It's air-cooled at the moment, and even in our current air-conditioned apartment, the CPUs are running at about 60c.

Now I leave my computer on all the time as it's a media center that downloads subscriptions and stuff when I'm not here, but I'm wondering at the new place if I should turn it off if I'm not using it.

I'm pretty much of the school that leaving it on all the time reduces wear, but I could be wrong about that. What do y'all think?


I only turn mine off if I'm going to be out of town overnight. I like to be there to check on it once a day, but generally leave it up all the time.

Of course the turning it off when I'm gone comes from one holiday break in college where I left my PC for a week and came back and the power supply had burned out.

Veloxi wrote:

Arise thread!!

What do y'all think?

I think that necro-ing a 10-year old thread deserves an achievement. Quick, someone create a GWJ achievement graphic for this! (If one wasn't already created for it in that achievement thread.)