Speaking of books: need a list of Stuff to read

Nights Dawn Trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton beats all bar none. The best series I have ever read. Everything in these books is so detailed and beautifully brought to live. The books have been so thought out, They are such good reads

Book 1 The Reality Dysfunction
Book 2 The Neutronium Alchemist
Book 3 The Naked God

"Vanagas" wrote:

Just finished reading Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. Very enjoyable.

I just tried to start that book again for the second or third time, but just can''t seem to get into it, or not far enough to push me on through the massive pagecount. Is Snow Crash and Diamond Age any easier to get into?

Oh, and to throw back on topic, I just finished The Footprints of God. If you like the Dan Brown type read, I would recommend.

Maybe I should have pointed out more clearly that I was giving examples (yes I already read the other 2 Sword of Truth books)...
I guess I could add a few more to the list myself :
David Wingrove : Chung Kuo (sp?) series (although the last book is a nightmare to get, and I''ve heard it wasn''t that good anyway) (Sci Fi)
Joann Bertin: Dragonlord series (Fantasy, only 2 books so far)
R.A. Salvatore(sp?): Various D&D novels (Fantasy)
Fred Saberhagen: just about everything (Sci-fi to Fantasy)
Asimov: ''Nuff said
Brin: Again ''nuff said
Juliet McKenna: Thieves Gamble series (Fantasy)
Bova: Good author overall (Sci Fi)
Card: good author overall (Sci FI)
Heinlein: excellent author overall (Sci Fi)

I''ll read just about anything, and have been lately grabbing random books off of the shelf at my local bookseller... You get some crappy books that way, but every once in a while you''ll find that one book that is really good that you''ve never even heard of before.