Homestarrunner Funny as Hell

Hey guys if you haven't check out Homestarrunner do yourself a favor and check it out this week. There is so much stuff I haven't seen. I don't know if I missed out from last week but dam is it funny.

Make sure you click the green Decemberween light on the top of his monitor to watch Homestar vs. Little Girl!

I think the kid''s book is one of the best things I''ve seen on Homestarrunner in ages. I hate watching stuff like that at work; it makes my face hurt from not laughing.

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Good stuff. I agree with Chumpy on the kids book. People walk by my cube and think ''he''s lost it again'' due to the quiet laughing.

Good stuff. I agree with Chumpy on the kids book.

I think the first children''s book was funnier.

the first kids book was an absolute classic. I am for ever waiting for more TROGDOR!

There was a first kid''s book?? I hate missing out on old Strongbad stuff. (""And the dragon comes in the NiiiiIIIIIiIiIiiiiiiiight..."")