Petals Around the Rose [Contains Answer - 1Dgaf]

I still have not figured out this game. Please, if you figure it out, PM me how. This is quite confusing and I've spent hours and hours trying to figure this S.O.B. out.
Have fun:
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Its pretty simple really. Just not easy to notice. The ""rose"" is the center pip. So when you roll a 5 on a die there are 4 petals, and when you roll a 3 there are 2, but remember that when you roll a 4 there is no ""rose"" and its zero. And they say people from GA aren''t smart...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for disclosing the secret.

This puzzle just drove me nuts one afternoon a few weeks ago and I resolved not to think about it again.

Some last vestiges of self respect prevented me from searching out an answer using google. But, running across the answer here provided me with a face saving way of discovering the answer.

Lester, stay right where you are. The men in black will arrive in 5... 4... 3... 2...

Heh, funny thing, I gave it to a friend right before I posted this and he figured it out in about 30 seconds. Anyways, thanks for the help guys, but you shouldn''t post the answers here, you should let people have fun with the puzzle.
Thanks to anyone who gave help through PMs.

And they say people from GA aren''t smart...

Sorry, that came out kinda assholish and that wasn''t my intent.