Anarchy Online News - 3rd Anniversery Special

For those that like MMOGs Anarchy Online is running a special.

For $9.95 USD you get the game with all the expansions and get no monthly fee till September.

I also have 2 CD keys that will allow somebody to play for 30 days for free.

If more than 2 people are interested I might be able to get a few more keys from others I know that play the game so if interested let me know.

The game is stable, the graphics while not stellar are not bad at all. The game has one of the best UIs (the original UI) and music for any game I played.

Game play is sort of standard fare where you kill stuff to get bigger to kill things that are even bigger and so on but it is well done.

There are a ton of items, areas to explore, tradeskills, and the like.

Do you play this regularly right now?

I used to play, but my friends left, and I could not stand the Everquest-like rare item drop system. I did enjoy a lot of the game, but it just got stale for me.


Yes I play basically every night for most part.

I have an account I''ll restart if we can all get on the same server and get a group going.

It sounds interesting but I''m sorta pressed for time right now, also I now only ever play games with GWJ people for the most part.

Damn last reason for not trying AO is squashed. Guess I''ll try it for a bit. 1.3GB download. but in many discrete files.

Do let me know what server or whatever I should goto...

Tempting. Downloading it now. We''ll see what happens once it''s on the ol'' compy.

I''m downloading too, I didn''t realize you got 7 days for free.

I''d like to try it, but I don''t even have time to play Jumpgate these days, let alone AO.

If you use the link I sent you get more than 7 days free you get the entire game until sceptember 1 for $9.95.

If that is too much and you want more than 7 days I can give you a special key that will get you 30 days for free.

As for server I am on Rubi-ki 1 server. I have a level 113 clan guy so can help you all out some but I am not super rich.

If they made it absolutely free, I''d might try it. I remember being facinated by the concept back in the day, but ultimately scared off by the execution.