The Official GWJ Gmail Request Thread


Ok, lots of people would like Gmail accounts and we had a good thread going there but at this point no one is clear as to who got an account and who didn't. If you'd like a Gmail account please post here with an email the invitation can be sent to. Once you have you account, edit your post and thank whoever hooked you up.

This should ensure a quick spread of accounts!

Thanks so much for hooking me up, Certis!

Thanks to Optimistic for hooking me up. I''ll definitely spread the wealth to other GWJ''s as soon as I get the invite email.

Note: your login cookie is also linked to your google searches, if you don''t want this to happen I''d suggest using google search on one browser, and gmail on another.

Also worth noting: Yahoo Mail bug: If you''re a user of Yahoo Mail, be careful! If you''re sent a Gmail invitation it will likely be filtered into your junkmail folder. -- (I can personally vouch for this one, accidentally deleted my first invite .. thankfully it was recoverable)

Thanks hubbinsd for the invite!

Thanks Certis and Baggachipz for the other invites, I''m using hubbinsd''s, was the first one in my mail box.

I''d like one if someone has an invite..

Do they wipe the email addresses after the beta?

I''d like one as well, if someone is in the giving mood for a lowly fish.

Update: Big thanks (and props! word to yah mutha!) to Certis for looking kindly upon this ingratiating fish! Seriously, thanks very much.

Thanks Baggachipz!

"TheGameguru" wrote:

I''d like one if someone has an invite..

Do they wipe the email addresses after the beta?

No, they''ll stick around.

Edit: I can be taken off the list. Thanks hubbinsd!

Once I explore the site a bit, I''ll start sharing my invites, too.

EDIT: Props to baggachipz for the hook up. I will spread the love once i get the invites.

I''d like two for my parents and sister, if anybody is feeling generous. One would also work, whatever

pyroman AT ninjapanda DOT org
pyrotest AT ninjapanda DOT org

Thanks, though feel free to give it to GWJ folks instead of people you''ve never met

*edit* Got one invite, thanks Mex! Any invites I get definitely go to GWJ now.

*edit2* just checked my email, I got all the invites! Thanks guys! I even decided to set one up for myself. If I get your invite and don''t need it I''ll be sure to let you know. Thanks!

I dont know what the heck you guys are talking about, but I''ll take one

[email protected]

Who still needs some? I''ve got a few invites, though two or three of mine might need to go to friends, depending on if they still want any.

Oh yeah, with the real name, if you get an invite from me, it''s coming from Henry Westerman ^_^

Certis is my hero. I''m in. [email protected]

Big thanks to optimistic as well! I will happily give any invitations I receive to the folks in this thread.

Edited because I learned to read a FAQ.

Sure, what the hey!

Predator at

I''m out of invites, but according to a bunch of folks I should expect more, so keep updating and adding your posts!

For the record, I love Gmail -- I can''t wait to migrate all of my email to Gmail, even my IMAP accounts at work!

[email protected]

I''d love to try one!

I''d like to give hotmail the boot also, if someone has a spare invite, I''d like one.

[email protected]

Have received my invite. Thank you Mr. Westerman aka Demosthenes

I''d love one. [email protected]

I also thank you Mr. Westerman.

If anyone can, I would be in your debt for an invite.

[email protected].

Thanks to all for the consideration.

I''d like to give mad props to my man Optimistic for the invite.

Your my dog Opty.

Oh also, thanks hubbinsd and Optimistic, you guys are awesome! I forgot to thank you guys earlier.

I would still love an invite.


I will edit my post if I am fortunate enough to receive an invite.


[color=blue]gmail invite received. Thank you Rob Borges![/color]

I would like an g-email.

[email protected]

Anyone know if Comcast blocks Gmail invites or filters them as spam like Yahoo? Still no invite yet.

[EDIT] Filters the invite as spam, but I got the acccount. Thanks, baggachipz!

"Demiurge" wrote:

Anyone know if Comcast blocks Gmail invites or filters them as spam like Yahoo? Still no invite yet.

I just now sent you one now, so we''ll see right?

Yes please!

[email protected]

My thanks to the mysterious Jeremy Armbruster!