What game have you got the most value from?

If we''re talking hours of gaming enjoyment vs cost, I guess I''m on the regular bandwagon.

HL and its mods. I''m still playing DoD at home, and HLDM at friend''s LAN (of crappy old computers).

Civ I, II, and III. Back in college, the first time I ""accidentally"" left a computer center at dawn was doggedly, finally finding that last fricking colony and winning highest level of Civ I. I guess include Alpha Centauri in there, cause I got Civ II and AC at same time, and played many, many bored bachelor hours/day/weeks on those. Just played Civ III on a LAN last week. Damn barbarians had it in for me I tell you.

I think the only long game I''ve completed multiple times besides HL would be Deus Ex. Played that in all three styles, and maybe more than that (i.e. total stealth, vs. total Rambo, vs. combo).