Err... Opus!? Hello!?

Somehow this slipped under my radar. I don't know if I care a hell of a lot more that other people, and my understanding is that a hell of a lot of other people already know about this, but B. Breathed started doing another strip!?
Starring OPUS!?
Called, get this, OPUS!?

How many people know? How many people care?

If you've read many of them, what's your impression? I guess folks are saying it's not that good.

I loved Bloom County, occasionally liked Outland, and have been supremely indifferent to Opus so far. He should have stayed retired.

Never seen it. Like Jada, I loved Bloom County (and its forrunner the Academia Waltz), and otuland was hit and miss. I liked it, overall.

Opus is probably my least liked of the chracters. I''d prefer a whole strip based solely on the exploits of Steve Dallas.

I''m enjoying it so far.


3 words ""bill the Cat""

"Garrad" wrote:

3 words ""bill the Cat""

Yeah, I love Bill. My favorite Bill The Cat stuff is when he became lead tongue of Deathtongue. Classic.

It''s more like outland than bloom county; you know, kinda ''out there.'' It''s more pointedly political too. Not that Bloom County wasn''t political.

I think Steve Dallas is dead from lung cancer by now

I replaced my Bloom County and Outland intake with Liberty Meadows.

Frigging ''95 sucked in comic land. Death of Bloom County, Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side.
I haven''t really cared about a comic strip since.

Then you''re missing Get Fuzzy, FoxTrot (sometimes), and Monty. I pity you....

I''m pretty indifferent to Opus as well... but it''s not like there''s anything better in our Sunday paper. Well, except Fox Trot.

He took a page out of Waterson''s book, and I can respect what he managed to negotiate for. A half page of the paper with no crazy resizing. If it comes at the expense of other strips like Beatle Bailey and Blondie, so be it.

Then you''re missing Get Fuzzy, FoxTrot (sometimes), and Monty.

Our local paper doesn''t carry eith Get Fuzzy or Monty. Just picked up ""Bucky Katt''s Big Book of Fun"" for Mrs. Wumpus. She was laughing out loud so often I thought at first she was reading Pratchett.

I like the boondocks. That''s about all I really like nowadays.

Arise from the depths of threads long past! I can think of no better window on today's world than that of Bloom County. It thrills me to no end to hear that in this cynical, polarized world, we are again allowed to view it through Berkeley Breathed's eyes. There Mr. Breathed... Trump. Go sic'em!


So far, so good

Bill & Opus 2016

Glad Breathed is doing this again but I hope it's more than just meta "remember the 80's?" jokes.

Hee hee. Opus discovers the Internet.

Just like the good old days with the Banana Jr 6000

Maybe explanations on why Binkley and Milo haven't aged. But that doesn't seem like something Oliver couldn't explain.

So, is there any way to pull an RSS feed from public posts on a facebook page? I read most of my webcomics through an RSS reader, and I'd like to add this one to the mix. (And facebook seems to be the only place they're being posted.)

I did do a search for instructions, and the method I located (find an ID number for the page, use a URL) appears to be obsolete as of a couple of months ago, presumably because FB wants people to be on their site, consuming their ads.

And now there's a Twitter account.

Twitter opens ridiculous possibiliuties, saw it pop up last night!


(Book trailer for the latest collection. The combination of Star Wars imagery and Strauss is messing with my head.)