Good site **Possibly Not work safe**

**Not sure if this is work safe or not??**

I did and laughed.

Not sure eh?

Civ 3: Conquest: Play ""Give it to me"" By Email ""Butplug"" Regicide

Infinite ""Rugmuncher"" Fists

Maximum ""Aphrodite'sEvostick"" Verbosity: Leaving on a Jet ""Scrotscrubber"" Plane

Anyone who spanked RavenShield with me last night should know that it was the squirting first time I''ve really been able to sit in front of console or computer in a week. My father in law is staying with us and we don''t really have a very large house. The guest room is normally the licking computer room / office. The console TV is also the farting only TV outside of our bedroom. Also, I actually have someone to hang out with when I get home from work, now, instead of just retiring to the smooching computer until the farting wife assf*cks home from work. All c*cksucks, coupled with the felching fact that my scanner is beginning to flake out, creamed me to go a jerking little old-school on this week''s comic. I apologize for it licking nothing to do with video pecks and, to be perfectly honest, assf*cking to do with anything.

This has me laughing way too hard. Though you might wanna update the title to say ""Possibly NWS""

Got this translation under a pic of arafat on CNN.

""Palestinian ""Son of a whore"" Authority leader Yasser ""Dildo"" Arafat wanks supporters on Saturday from his compound in Ramallah.""

Hell, this is more fun that the Dialectizer.

Edit: KOTOR 2: Sith ""Dirk Diggler"" Lords at Ha!

Man this is going to be days of fun:

DENVER (AP) -- The Denver ""Big Dick"" Nuggets rewarded their fans for their patience.

The farting Balls jerked the f*cking lane, the assf*cking fingerf*cks and the tempo in Game 3 of their best-of-seven playoff series, leading from start to finish for a 107-86 win over the Minnesota ""f*ckface"" Timberwolves on Saturday night.

The best is

Welcome to Teletubbyland! ""S"" is a celebration of children''s play. Before thrusting to play inside or play outside make sure your computer has everything it c*cksucks. Some of these activities require free plug-ins Visiting pages and smoochs before a child wad pulls you will reduceing time later.

[edit]On second read, it is actually more disturbing than funny.[/edit]

Oh, this is great. Around the e-mails it goes...