I'm trying out JumpGate you zealots!!

The Jumpgate welcome thread was locked, not this one.

Ahh. That would do it.

"Flux" wrote:

I downloaded the game and will possibly be trying it tonight. Hopefully it won''t bore me to tears like it did the first time I played it.

Cool! Don''t be afraid to ask questions. Fly around in the sim first. Use your docking computer to target the docking beacon, and use that to dock safely. You can also try to dock manually, by targeting the station and lining up in the green rings/octogons. Then fly toward the docking port at LESS than 100v. I won''t be able to fly much until Saturday, so I''ll stop in and see if I can see you tonight. Good luck!

Haha, there is no way I will get Flux!

"Flux" wrote:

Haha, there is no way I will get Flux!

Heh, maybe. Flux might not be the best in-game name to pick. Let me know what your in-game handle is.

"Flux" wrote:

I downloaded the game and will possibly be trying it tonight. Hopefully it won''t bore me to tears like it did the first time I played it.

What, were you a miner?

What, were you a miner?

No, just tried a bunch of stuff.

Admittedly, flux, the early game might be a bit boring, as the best way to get money and xp are simple transport missions. You also get really low level flux (Jellyfish, lvl 0) to shoot at, but the exciting stuff starts at around lvl 9, when you get access to light fighters.

Yeah, the cyclone (quant light fighter) is a fun ship :). Hey Veloxi, Flux is having a problem in the simulator where he can''t control the direction the ship is facing with the mouse, can you remember what that option might be?

I was about to post that Tobyus. Let''s see what the master has to say about it, shall we?

Haha, yeah, hopefully somebody else out there has come across this before. I know I''ve had it happen before but I can''t for the life of me remember what I did or how to fix it.

You have to set it up in the options screen. While in game, his ESC, go to Control, and then cycle through the control method until it shows the mouse. That should do it. If not, let me know.

It didn''t do it. I was on mouse+keyboard combo like it defaults. It is strange because when I first started the tutorial it wasn''t like that (with the cursor free from the center reticle). I don''t know what ""magic"" button I hit but I did something.

Okay, in the same control screen, go to the flight button and see what your axis controls are bound to. You may need to rebind your mouse axis for flight.

They are still bound.

Okay, here''s what we do when we have a joystick problem like this:

Map the throttle to pitch, or turn axis.

Map that axis to the throttle.

Launch in sim, and fly around for a few.

Go back to controls, and swap them back - it should work. If it doesn''t, keep swapping axis'' (try turn instead, or twist - whatever) until you get a good one, and then you''re all good.

Try that and let me know if it works. Sorry I''m not much help, never flown JG with a mouse.

That doesn''t seem to work either. Maybe I am losing my mind but does my problem sound like a problem or is this how controls works?

I have my main reticle in the middle and then I have a smaller green cross I move all around the screen to lead where I am going or aiming. If that small green crosshair is not normally there by default then I have a problem. If not, I am imagining stuff I guess.

I believe that small green cross shows your present mouse control location, so you can orient yourself. I''m trying to find a solution to this.

So...are you saying that it just floats a little away from the center before the ship starts responding to the motion of the mouse...or are you saying that no matter how much you move the crosshair all over the screen, you have no control over the motion of the ship?

If it is the first, then that is normal, and if you want it to have less dead space before it starts moving your ship''s direction then there is a setting for that in your controls, if it is the latter, then I have no idea.

Sorry for not asking you this earlier, I didn''t even think about it.

No, my ship responds to the movement of it. So, that is normal huh? That is how you lead a conflux when you are fighting it with lasers right?

Yeah, the dead space is normal, you can increase it or decrease it by a setting in your options. Lower the number to 0 to make it not have any dead space, or just lower it a little to have a little less dead space. I like to have just a little dead space in case I bump the mouse while I''m mining or flying by asteroids. But for fighting, less dead space would probably be better.

I''m not the most accurate with my guns though....there are 54 people with better accuracy than me, according to JOSSH

Ok, I guess you were not listening on the phone when I described my problem? I am good to go then!

Awesome, glad to hear that you''re good to go!

Haha, I had about 7 conversations going on here at work. Trying to get Eric''s unix accounts setup right, sending him a reflections session with some macros already setup, and about everyone else in the room talking to me while we were on the phone. I must have missed some of the things you said, so I jumped to the wrong conclusion. Glad we figured it out!

Be sure and tell me how you like it, Flux- I am far from sold on CoH.

Do you happen to live your life based on what Flux does?

"Rat Boy" wrote:

Do you happen to live your life based on what Flux does?

As the official GWJ Recruiter it works that way, get used to it pal!

But I''m already recruited...

"Rat Boy" wrote:

But I''m already recruited...

Oh yeah, um, nevermind.

It''s just that usually Flux is our scout on new games, and we are the ones that get hooked on them