City of Heroes Beta Account/key Needed


Did anyone get into the City of Heroes beta and let their account/beta key collect dust? If so, please drop me a PM with the info so I can get some interested parties into the beta before retail hits. I'm already in the beta myself but I'm so lonely.

Same goes for WoW, except I'm not in that one. Ah ha ha.

Hey Captain Boy, send me a PM with your character name(s) and I''ll play with you (please remove all out-of-context gay overtones - not that there''s anything wrong with that)

What server are you guys on? Don''t want to group up with the rest of us? Hrmph.

I have several chars on both Prime and Pinnacle - highest level is 16.

Don''t be shy Ral! My character''s name is ""Every Man"" and I''m on the Prime server. Galaxy City if that matters. He''s only level two at the moment and he''s a Blaster.

I expect your character''s name to be Captain Boy and you have to be as short as possible while wearing a pink suit.

Mine is located in Prime, name is ""Manbot"". Currently level 4.

Great, another reminder that I won''t ever get to try the beta.

You can still preorder

The only game shop I could find giving the promise of a beta key was gamestop. I thought it was too late to order and get a beta email? Here is the link I am referring to:

Bonus Gamestop Offer

It is kinda a hollow promise at this point isn''t it? I would probably get my beta email the day of the go-live, haha.

Ah, I see. Thought getting the little preorder box was a shoe-in for getting in the beta. Good info, gives me a week or two to consider whether I''m going to get it.

I might end up passing on it unless I can get to play it first. It seems a little risky to plop down $50 without even trying the game.

I got in late, and so have spent most of my playing time on Pinnacle. I have several characters on both servers though, the highest is level 7. Anyone want to play tonight?

For folks (read: Flux) looking to get into the beta, I dropped by EB last night and picked up a pre-order box for $5 down. I got home, did the NCSoft signup thing, and within 10mins had a confirmation email with a link to the beta download. I was playing within an hour of opening the box. Garrad also had the same experience picking up the pre-order at CompuSmart.

I''m also on Prime as Burnt Offering (level 2), and I''ll be playing tonight fo'' sheezie. (On a slightly related topic, this is the best first couple of hours on a MMOG I''ve ever played. I think CoH is a real winner.)

Thanks Chumpy. I have been to the four main game shops looking and they are all sold out. I might look one more time again today. I thought of an idea for getting a preorder box last night and it involves my friend in ATL picking it up for me. If he can do that and sends me the registration code from the disc, I can do the beta from that without ever needing the CD correct? I already have a NCSoft account from the lineage 2 beta so that is ready to go.

Edit: By the way, I watched the new videos released on IGN last night and flying is exactly how I hoped it would be (very smooth and with a good sense of altitude change). I would like to see a video of a giant leap over a building or across a few city blocks next.

I''m ""Galactic"" on Prime (lv. 7 defender) and on Pinnacle (lv. 2 blaster). I''ll be on tonight, as well, though probably not till late evening.

Flux, all you really need is the registration code on the CD envelope. The CD just contains media hyping the game.

Thanks propa. That is all I needed to know.

Flux, I can stop by my local EB and get you a key later today if you need it.

I''ll check Bestbuy if ya want, but let me know pretty soon, as I''m about to go run an errand....

Yes, if one of you do that for $5 I will paypal you immediately, if you have paypal?

Bestbuy website still lists it at $10. Still want it (if they actually have it?)

I will PM you right now.

Anyone flitting about Prime, feel free to look me up. I''m usually on between 20:00-22:00 pdt. Characters are Joedash (lvl 6 natural scrapper), Ice Viking (lvl 7 magic tank), Sergeant Spade (lvl 5 tech blaster), and Dark Templar (lvl 2 tech scrapper).

I''m especially interested in anyone looking to do King''s Row patrol missions (you know, whack 10 gangers of a specified type). At levels 6 and 7, these can still be very dicey propositions solo.

Also, if anyone wants to try tooling around as a high level sidekick, give my character Soulchill (on prime) a tell. I''m bouncing around between a lot of characters right now trying to figure out what i want for retail, but I still log him in every day for a little bit.

You have a PM JohnnyMo.

Yeah and if anyone wants to give me a WoW beta account, I promise I won''t kill any kittens [color=white]today[/color]

I picked up a COH preorder box at EB with no problem, and got the confirmation email about 5 minutes after registering.

I''m not shy, Certis - I just wasn''t going to list all 10 or so characters I''ve created. But here are the ones I''ve been playing the most:

Lightning Lad - level 16 electricity/electricity blaster
Soldier Ant - level 8 spines/reflexes scrapper

Hard Point - level 6 energy/energy blaster
Golden Boy - level 6 fire/energy tanker
Modular Man - level 4 radiation/radiation defender
Foundation - level 4 earth/earth tanker

How do you like it Ral? Enough to buy it at retail?

""Pimpmastah"" on Prime. Look my up fo shizzle.

"ralcydan" wrote:

Hard Point - level 6 energy/energy blaster

Hard Point: superhero by day, male singing strip-o-gram by night.

Im making a scrapper/spine/invulnerable on prime named Jade Redfang (dont know if they allow spaces in the name) Look for the mighty mite in red and green. I might do the robot arms =)

I came in to work early to mess with the character generator. Of course someone else came in early so I only had like 10 minutes to mess with it =(

Flux I bought the preorder box and Im in the next day...

Flux I bought the preorder box and Im in the next day...

The trick is finding a preorder box. Completely sold out from what I can tell.