Surgeons who play video games perform better

Surgeons Who Play Video Games Err Less

Nice to see a positive spin on video games in the mass media for a change, but is there a real big suprise?

Let''s just hope they''re not playing ""twitch"" games.

""I''ve got the pancreas! Cover me!""

Perform better... in bed?

Doctor: ""I''m sorry sir, but cancer is being a camping Female Doggo and won''t get off your colon. However we have several treatment options available, such as the tried and true quad damage with rocket launcher.""

Patient: ""He''s got spider mines, that won''t work. Anything more effective?""

Doctor: ""Well we could try an experimental method ... but it''s not AMA approved. And it''s expensive.""

Patient: ""I''ll take anything!""

Doctor: ""Okay we''re going to need a few weeks to camp the Redeemer, and it may sting for a few days afterwards. In the meantime all you can do is pray.""

Patient: ""Last time I did that God just said ''lol newb'' and let some jackass spawn camp my children. The admins suck on this server, they won''t kick anybody.""

Nurse: ""Doctor! We''ve got chronic lag in room 3112""

Doctor: ""I want a T3 stat, and get me a private server! We''re not gonna get a disconnect on this one!""

I bet I could sell this to one of the networks, medical dramas are still in right?

Needs a kitty cat dance sequence somewhere in there. Otherwise very promising.

Funny stuff Pyro!

Pyroman, hilarious.
Having worked with quite a few surgeons, I can only say that moving the profession more in the direction of L332 Doodz can only humanize them.