New York Times loves Hellboy


Selma cracks me up. I will always envision her as the dumb young chick in Cruel Intentions.

Saw Hellboy tonight with my wife, not knowing anything about the character or the comic book except from previews.

Good movie! The antagonists seemed H.P. Lovecraft-inspired, which is always good. It was a sci-fi action film with good cgi, not much time spent on character development. Good outweighed the bad.

My wife: ""I didn''t know much about any of the other characters by the end of the movie.

Me: ""Did you see him say, ''Red means stop'' and punch the hood of that car?""

Best line of the movie was Hellboy''s, ""We don''t take hints"".


Stop eating Selma Blair''s kindeys you monster!!!!!!!!!!

All I want to say is that in this thread I predicted Hellboy''s awesomeness, and was promptly mocked. I expect that those naysayers are enjoying their crow.