2 questions regarding UT2K4 and BFV

Question #1.

In UT2K4, are the demo servers listed in the retail server list? It sure seems like a lot of servers are running Torlan and I'd figure that most of us would be pretty sick of it or at least would rather play the new maps yet easily 70% of the Onslaught servers I saw last night were playing Torlan.

Question #2.

Does BFV require a DX 8 featured card to play it? IE, are those who have GeForce 4 MX cards out of luck? (Or more out of luck than they normally already are?) The box specs seem to indicate this.

For question #2:

I think the video card requirements for both games are the same since they both only require that you have a DX 9.0b compatible card. If you have DX9.0b installed (which you have to to run UT2k4 and BF:V) and your games still work, then I am guessing that you can run BF:V, now as far as performance goes...

Compatible doesn''t mean ""Has all the features of."" You will just not have some of the ""uber cool graphical effects!!!!""

It will still play it. Backwards compatability rocks.

Regarding Question #2, it doesn''t affect me but one of my buddies is stuck with a GeForce 4 MX and the system requirements for BFV on the box say ""GeForce 3 or Radeon 8500 minimum"".

What I''m wondering is if this means that BFV requires a DX 8 card (which Geforce 3 and R8500 are) to run, meaning it uses DX 8 shaders and has no DX 7 fallback. BF1942 wouldn''t run unless you had hardware T&L, but I would be surprised if DX 8 capable (as opposed to compatible) were the minimum spec for BFV, yet this is what it sounds like to me. There are a TON of people with GeForce 4 MX''s.

No. it doesnt require a card that can do the DX8 features. THose are just a bonus.. Face it, most people out there can''t afford those kind of cards. They would be insane to limit their market penetration by only catering to the higher ended people.

BF1942 wouldn''t run unless you had hardware T&L

I actually played BF1942 with a Kyro II and it did not have hardware T&L, but Hercules released some drivers for it that somehow tricked the game into thinking that the card did have that feature. Has your buddy played UT2k4 or the UT2k4 demo with that video card? If he has then I am guessing he can play BF:Vietnam. I doubt that the mainstream cards like GF4 MX''s would be left out on these games...as bad as the performance would be with them.