Castle Strike Demo

Related Designs have released a demo of Castle Strike. I'm mentioning it here since there's a (understandable) tendency to not bother with games that don't ring a bell. Castle Strike actually appears to be worth a look for strategy fans. (I have to admit that I kinda ignored the game when Data Becker sent around a PR announcing it since they're not exactly known to be a publisher of high profile games. The reviews turned out to be quite positive, however.)

Also, should a Sacred demo hit the web today or in the days to come, you mustn't skip it if you happen to be a fan of Diablo/Diablo 2. Seriously.

Looks interesting Spun, downloading now!

Almost looks like RvR in DAoC in some of those screenshots.

looks pretty cool actually.

This is pretty fun, though I don''t know why fans of Diablo should check it out. It''s more like Stronghold Lite, in a good way. Also the automatic management of peasants is brilliant. Bout damn time. Is this coming out in the US?

I think he was referring to the Sacred demo, Pyro...

My reading and comprehension skills aren''t what they used to be

Yep, I was talking about Ascaron''s Sacred in the second part.

Dealing with Orcs, or anything else in dire need of a swift decapitation, implies knowing how to fight. Not only can we Rohirrim hopefuls mount independent horsies and slay beasts from the back of what we''ll pretend is Snowmane, we''ll also have to chain ranged, melee, and magical attacks into combos. These different combat arts, when combined via simplistic dragging and dropping, make the slaughter of evil AI characters or evil Internet kids that much more intuitive. Indeed, Sacred also features 16-player PVP action and four-player cooperative play, but no real details are yet being released. We do know that the game state can be saved and characters from the single player game can be exported to the multiplayer game, so basically we know little.

Has a demo of Sacred come out yet?

Yes. Well, no. Not exactly. Actually, there''s one on the Gamestar DVD I''m looking at right now, but they seem to have scored an nice, exclusive deal with this one. Also, it''s probably only German. So, I guess you''re not likely to find this demo at other places except filesharing services.

Still, the point that such a demo exists indicates that there probably will be a non-exclusive trial soon.

Cool, Ill keep an ear to the ground for it.


Yeah, having one of those Euro strategy days again.

Witt Interactive Software''s PR folks sent over a press release announcing that they will publish Castle Strike in the US. The historical RTS title from developer Related Design will be released in the US in October.