AFC Championship Pics (better late than never?)

Sorry it took so long to post these. Blame SSX3 and Crimson Skies.

I tried to shrink these down a bit, they were really hi res. I actually have a ton more, but I just wanted to give a sample. If anyone is really interested I guess can post more, but I'm doubting interest is high ourtside of New England. they are. (I've removed the drunk pictures of me. Maybe when the "name to a face" thread gets revived I'll consider.)


This is the view from my seats to the jumbotron behind me. The guy in the mask scares me.


Going for 3


Incomplete to Detrich Ward (#17)


Manning about to get picked.


I think this is right before James scored in the far corner of the end zone.

Like I said, the hi res do better justice. I have more pics, but all are fairly similar.

oh yea...Go Pats!

What, no action shots? I want to see a crystal clear zoomed-in dive catch!

Thanks Pulse. That looked like it would have been a fun game to be at. Perfect football weather.

Your seats look really close too. I wish I was there!