Another article on the economy

Thought this one was pretty interesting. Not ground-breaking, but I think the guy makes some pretty good points.

It might as well be a press release from the Dean campaign. It does a better job as that than as an economic analysis. I was really impressed with the author''s presentation of such complicated academic concepts as these:

there were some service jobs that are mobile...

Most companies are under shareholder pressure to get the stock price up...

people who lose their jobs are worse off...


For me this was the most interesting part of the piece.

Q. Do you think the strong U.S. university system could lose its lead? China and India are attracting Ph.D. students who up till now have been coming here.

A. There is enormous inertia in the centers of intellectual strength in research universities. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia. Even in bad times, they get the best students, and because they get the best students they get to hire the faculty.

The answer is: It can change. If we underfund our universities, which we have been doing, people can go abroad. Cambridge and Oxford have lost an awful lot of people to American universities.

Other countries are realizing you can become a center of intellectual strength. You can buy a center of intellectual strength. What makes America more precarious is that we aren''t producing at the high school and undergraduate level enough science majors to feed ourselves.

Of course this guy ends up pointing fingers everywhere except at American universities. I really need to post something more about this on a new thread.

Well sure it''s not all that profound, but I think he did a pretty good job of explaining things in simple language. Not everyone knows why job creation lags in a recovery.
Why does it read as a Dean commercial to you?