We Learn Faster from the Opposition?

Just curious if others have found this to be true regarding stances on political issues.

I have found that I can figure out my feelings on a current issue a lot faster reading a response from the opposing view. (most notably from Ral)

It usually takes about 30 seconds to solidify an opinion reading words from a conservative viewpoint. If I were to talk to Ratboy about an issue we could discuss nuances for hours.

So, its quicker to learn what you do agree with by reading or discussing what you dont?

Does this apply vice versa for conservative forum posters? Or do conservatives come upon a stance quicker from other conservative points of view also?

I think this is true a lot of the time.

Even more importantly, learning the viewpoint of the opposition often helps me to find weaknesses in my own opinions and reconsider them. A lot of times, when I have a simple opinion about something, learning the reasons why people disagree with me helps me find out more about the various exceptions to the rule, so to speak.

I find a lot of weaknesses in my opponent''s positions when I read them too.

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It''s a truism that having other people look at an issue you have
studied is a good way to discover things that you have not
thought of. Programmers work in teams, academics use teams
and peer review, politicians use focus groups...It''s human
nature to focus in on aspects you understand and not see
other parts till someone points them out.

What''s good about hearing opposing views is that they are
usually so different that you are almost always going to run
across an argument so different from what you anticipated that
it will open up whole new areas of thought. This is what is
dangerous about limiting your information intake to those
sources you agree with. If everyone around you thinks and
argues a certain way, you''ll adopt the errors they make as
well as their strengths. But if you look at the errors and
strengths of other views, you can more easily see where your
world-view has holes or weak spots, and correct them in
whatever way is warranted.


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