Cursory Metaphysical Musings

Life is the path you take while caught in between sequential rocks and hard places. People march from contradiction to contradiction that seemingly cannot coexist yet do. The sole knowledge of the contradictions' solution comes in hindsight. The joy derived from solving a prior imutable conflict gives us the needed strength to tackle the next.

Heck, I ran an 11 year career on spotting solutions to problems
*before* the clock ran out. That''s definitely one way to go,
if stress is not something that matters to you. The joy derived
from solving a problem that others could not *before* the
system goes tits-up is indeed a source of strength. The only
problem is the inability to sleep, stress at the level of heart
palpitations, and other manifestations of walking the knife
edge between absolute success and utter failure.

But that''s just me. I guess I created my own Scylla and
Charybdis, rather than just being carried along in the current.