Cookie Tossing

Clever protest/statement idea by a Young Republicans group

Granted, I don't think the issue of Affirmative Action is quite as simple as this, but I think that the College Republicans' bake sale served as a fairly reasonable example and a clever way to make their statement.

I find it sad that the people who disagreed with them had to resort to near violence. The only thing I could find that they did wrong was that they were deceptive in their application for event space at the college.

As far as that goes, I think the university has as much right to require protests/protestors to be in designated areas as the president has to restrict them to "free speech zones."

But again, as far as the students go, I think they made a clever statement, and they weren't hurting anyone with their bake sale.

Oh, and here was the Board of Regents President''s response:

""The statements of the UW College Republicans in putting on a bake sale about affirmative action were tasteless, divisive and hurtful to many members of the university community,"" he wrote.

On the one hand, I can see how someone would find that ""tricking"" people into believing it was just a bake sale might find it offensive, but at the same time, it wouldn''t make the point as effectively.

I find it sad that the people who disagreed with them had to resort to near violence.

It wasn''t near violence. It was violence. They tore down their signs and threw cookies at them. That is assault.

Well, it may technically be assault, but I wouldn''t consider it full violence if someone threw a cookie at me.

Tearing the signs down definitely counts as vandalism though.

I''m hoping that the university prosecutes the guilty students who took it too far in some manner.

Here''s my question for those who condemned the event. Why be offended by a money version of racial preferences? After all, it''s identical in principle to admission practices sanctioned by university communities across America.

If racial preferences, highlighted by the cookie, are wrong and offensive, why wouldn''t it also be wrong and offensive in the university''s admissions practices? After all, the Affirmative Action Bake Sale was promoting diversity in cookie ownership.

Liberals need to explain why changing standards for admission to the college based on race or ethnicity is noble while charging different prices based on the same criteria is racist.

I''m actually with you on this one, JMJ; I think the protest was a smart way to make their point.