How do you pronounce \"Euro\"

Specifically, I mean: "How do the Europeans pronounce 'Euro'?" This isn't an idle question (ok, it mostly is).

In the US, the European unit of currency is phoenetically pronounced "yur-oh", with the emphasis on the first syllable.

But I don't think English is an official language foranyof the members of the EU. Correct me if I am wrong.

If my rusty German doesn't fail me, it should be "oi-ro", rhyming with "boy-grow", probably with the emphasis on the second syllable - in Germany. I would think the word would be pronounced differently in French, Italian, or Polish.

Is that the case? Does each country pronounce it differently? If not, is there an agreed upon pronounciation? (If it is the English one, I will let you know in advance that I find that funny).

But I don''t think English is an official language for any of the members of the EU.

It''s the second official language in Ireland.

The German pronunciation sounds right. The Polish and and Italian should sound similar except that the ''r'' is being pronounced somewhat different as you might guess. (Poland isn''t part of the ''Euro'' zone yet though.) The French one is a bit tricky to describe and may or may not sound like ""ur-ro"". And yes, it''s being pronounced differently in each country depending on the language it''s based on. That''s actually quite normal. It''s still obvious that they''re talking about the same currency. Plus the symbol is the same everywhere.

What about those greek pita sandwiches (gyro). I think those would make a good currency.

should be ""oi-ro"", rhyming with ""boy-grow""

So you''re saying it''s pronounced oreo? Or am I reading it wrong?

So you''re saying it''s pronounced oreo? Or am I reading it wrong?

Not quite - In German, at least, ""Eu"" has an ""oy"" (like oyster) sound. ""Ro"" is pronounced just like it looks.

As a side note, I may start pronouncing it as ""oreo"" because it makes me giggle.

"ralcydan" wrote:

As a side note, I may start pronouncing it as ""oreo"" because it makes me giggle.

While we''re at it, Oreo''s would make a good currency as well...

Better than Gyro''s at least, what with all the ''juice''.

There''s even more variance...

1 Euro = 100 cent, and the latter is even more differently pronounced.
The french for example even have the right to say ""centimes"", like before when they still had the franc as currency.

What''s the OREO exchange rate?

Let''s see a package of oreos runs you $4 per package, which has.....what, 60 oreos? So that''s 7 cents each, so that''s 14 oreos per dollar.

That''s almost as bad as the peso, but still better than the lira.

Still, there is the hoarding issue-I mean, I wouldn''t give up my 14 oreos for a dollar.

So 1,200 rubles to an Oreo?

Speaking of of the Euro, I have one in my wallet and was checking it out while my flight was delayed. Why does it say EYP""upsidedown horse shoe"" under the EURO on the 5 Euro bill? I''m assuming it''s Greek?

That is an Omega I believe. I posted one from the charcter map but it came out as a capital O. I guess the board doesn''t support extended ASCII.

Edit: IMAGE( before the Omega!

That''s the Illuminati. Shhh...

yep, the greeks still have their own letters.

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Maybe we could ask these kids the German pronunciation.


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