New race for the Moon on


Boy, all those countries are going to be pissed when they find out there's nothing to bring back but rocks. Instead of spending tems of billions of dollars to fly 20-30 guys to the moon, maybe they could go on travelocity and fly their heads of state over to Washington...there's a part of the Smithsonian where you can touch a moon rock.

This may just be the rest of the world lagging behind us. Nice to see they finally hit the 60's. Now we can expect a wave of LSD abuse, folk music, back-of-limo assassinations.

omg, i''m suddenly feeling like we''re in the end stage of Civ (I, II, or III) and all I can say is ""build spys and diplomats like mad, create turmoil everywhere, and Buy! Buy! Buy!""

here''s hoping we''re the first ones to Alpha Centauri, and that once our hegemony is fully in place, some stupid little size 1 city doesn''t pop up on the one place we don''t have sattelites.

Give me more soldiers, noble leader, that they may sheathe their swords in the blood of our enemies!
-Civ II Military Advisor