Dow Opens above 10,000

Today is the first time that the Dow has opened above 10,000 for the first time in 18 months. Between that and all of the other positive economic news, does anyone still doubt that the economic recovery has arrived?

Dow 10,000 is a meaningless, psychological statistic. At least it was the first time it went over 10K, according to Republicans.

Yeah, I don''t think after spending 18 months saying the stock market isn''t a good indicator of the economy, that you can turn around and point to it when it''s on your side.

That said, we are clearly in a recovery. Even I can grudgingly see that.

Who was right?!? I was right!!

Debating between calling Ulairi ""cute"" or ""econ geek.""

I''m settling on cute econ geek, and seeing how much trouble that gets me in.

Roo, nobody ever gets in trouble for telling the truth around here.

Well, at least not in this case.

Yeah, well, what about Iraq! What about Iraq! People are dying in Iraq! Vote for Dean/Gore - sarcasm boy