Gore's endorsement

Does anyone else think it is odd that Gore endorsed Dean?

Gore was one of originators of centrist Democratic Leadership Council. Lieberman was his running-mate and gentleman enough to wait until Gore had decided not to run in 2004 before he declared his own bid for the presidency. Gephardt endorsed Gore in 2000 over Bill Bradley, when Gore needed the support.

Could this be because he wants to run in 2008 and is endorsing Dean to ensure that Dean gets the bid and loses to Bush?

It would help.

Maybe. I''m thinking that Gore is looking to consolidate the fractured candidate pool to give the Dem''s a better chance of unseating the incumbent idiot.

The fact that Gore''s endorsement is a backhanded slap at Lieberman is a bonus, I guess.

I think Gore is adopting a wait an see attitude to the whole President thing. He might have a shot in 2008 if Bush is finishing his second term, and still cocking things up royally, but that assumes that certain other influential Democrats stay out of that race, Like Hillary Clinton.

I voted Gore...I like the man, and his politics, but against Hillary? Would he really stand a chance? Realistically, I doubt it.

Actually, she should run now, since she''s the only one with the presence to challenge Bush directly, on his media spinning turf. She should do it soon, before she has too much of a legislative record to answer for.

Personnally, right now, unless Hillary enters the fray, I''m voting Dean. Hopefully the Doc picks up Clark as a running mate.