Farscry's Inflammatory Post of the Month

Actually, this is supposed to be more funny than inflammatory. Go to Google and type in the search field "miserable failure", check out the first page of results.

[edit]Also note the very first result of all[/edit]

You can also try this link to Google with the search phrase already entered.

Hmmm... who seems to be regarded as the miserable failure by Google's search parameters?

I look forward to seeing what amusing searches everyone else decides to attempt. This was actually something someone else prompted me to do; I didn't come up with it on my own.[/url]

Wow, that is amazing that it looks like the legit Google web site search and not a fake.

I am not the biggest fan of Bush, but this is totally rude.

Might have to find another search engine.

It is a legitimate google search; I went to google myself and did it, that''s how I generated the link. What''s really intriguing about it is that the whitehouse.gov page that is the first result doesn''t even have the word ""miserable"" in its contents; I did a quick ctrl-F search to see.

I''m not sure how this happened, and I''m curious to know if the Google people are even aware of it.

Here''s your answer.


Computer users exploiting the Google search engine. I guess we''ll see more of this in the future.

Amazing, if an exploit exists, people will take advantage, I guess this shows good ole American ingenuity.

Computer users exploiting the Google search engine. I guess we''ll see more of this in the future.

Ah, interesting. I wasn''t aware of how Google ranked results using links like that. I figured it had to be some kind of trick.

And yeah, we''ll probably see a lot more of this in the near future.

That is hilarious. I like the end of the newsday article too.

""In previous pranks, tricksters have rigged Google to bring up spoof pages. For instance, after France refused to join the coalition forces fighting Iraq, a Google search for ""French military victories"" brought up a spoof page that said no documents were found and asked, ""Did you mean ''french military defeats.''""

Don''t forget that trick when you input ""Weapons of Mass Destruction"" and click on ""I''m Feeling Lucky.""

""I thought it was absolutely one of the funniest ideas I''ve ever heard,"" said Don Waller, owner of Don Waller Interactive, a Web design company in Islip Terrace and a blogger who joined the prank in late October. ""I just decided to jump in with it.""

Somebody doesn''t get out much.