Child of gay parents punished for saying \"gay\"

From Yahoo / AP

Ok, now this is crazy.

Might be the first time I actually agree with the ACLU about something....

I grew up in Louisiana and frankly, as crazy as this is, I''m not surprised at all by it. There''s a reason I left the state as soon as I could.

That''s pretty gay

What if he was singing the theme to The Flinstones, hmmmmmmm?

In my elementary music class I''ve run into lots of songs from early 1900s where ""gay"" is getting replaced by other words.

As for the school...welcome to the Clue Train(tm). Here is your Clue Ticket(tm). All Aboard.

I love lesbians.

You''ll notice that pretty much all of the negative stats people site when they talk about how immoral and terrible and evil it is to be gay is based on gay men.

Maybe we should take a closer look a lesbians.

And with that picture firmly in mind. I''ll um....oh I just can''t finish the pun. I''m sure you can uh, finish that one yourself.

It''s good when stupid things get national attention. It reminds us to keep doing stupid things so one day we too can become famous.

It is very unfair to a 7 year old child to be put in this position.

Shame, it’s the thought police at work again. How did the teacher know he was using “Gay” in a negative context? If of course the teacher thought it was a bad word.

I guess thats the problem with schools basing their disciplinary rules on words rather than context.

Maybe someone else can poke holes through my theory. However, if the disciplinary rules were based on ""misconduct"" or ""surly"" attitudes, then there would be valid distinctions for someone who says ""gay"" in a derogatory manner or ""ass"" in a contextually accurate and non inflamatory or juvenile manner.

The problem, of course, is that meaning is not explicit. There''s no gauge by which to judge whether a person has said ''gay'' or ''ass'' in a derogatory manner many times. For example, what if another student said ''your parents are gay'' to this kid. It''s an accurate statement, but it could also be derogatory.

Its gauged by the supervising adult. Plus unless the child was asking a question, ""your parents are gay?"" you can assume that the statement was juvenile in intention.

But, fang, I think ultimately that''s just what the teacher was doing in this case. She just applied different standards than you or I would''ve.

Maybe we should take a closer look a lesbians.

Yes sir! I''ll gladly do my part for tolerance and understanding in this great nation of breasts.

Ours. Nation of Ours.

It is very unfair to a 7 year old child to be put in this position.

<Insert Michael Jackson joke of choice here>