1000th Topic in Games and Platforms, grats GWJ !

Woot !

Moving to Everything Else section... ah ha ha.

No !!!! Keep it at it''s home.

So, hmm, I will make this a game topic then. I will be picking up Galaxies today no matter what critics said. It has been really enjoyable and fits my play time really well.

let the party commence

Oh, I wasn''t going to move it. Now you''ve derailed your own thread, oh the humanity!

...um... GO Gaming! Anyone...?

No derailment here, everything right on track !

Ok, serious note: How proud of this site are you and Elysium? Has GWJ surpassed your expectations? Any plans for the year anniversary next month? I think it is great and it is definitely the most involved I have ever been on a site. Keep up the good work.

Go gaming!

Holy... Year anniversary next month? What the hell are you talking about? It''s december already?! Oh god! My life! What have I done! Who am I? Why am I here?

Hooray for gaming and the GWJ forums! The only forum where I haven''t been banned due to excessive expletive use and for making other forum-goers cry.

This is, by far, my favorite gaming site EVAR. I even enjoy the P&C forum

Way to go guys!

Ok, serious note: How proud of this site are you and Elysium?

To really understand the answer to that question, you have to realize how very little we expected at the start. Honestly, we expected a tiny following of people with a few dozen hits a day at most. We''ve got a lot further we can go, but I''m very proud of this site, mostly because we were able to have a medium-sized site without compromising what we envisioned it being from the beginning - a community site.

Has GWJ surpassed your expectations?

That goes without saying. Oh hell, let''s just say it. Yeah, it''s surpassed my expectation ten times over.

Any plans for the year anniversary next month?

We''re trying to put together several upcoming events, though they may all get wrapped in one event. Either way, I''ve certainly not forgotten that January 8th is technically the day the site first went live, and that January 14th is the anniversary of our launch.

Glad you guys are enjoying it.

I thought it was in February? No? Hmmm.. ok. Well, I''ll send Elysium some flowers or something.

I''m pretty sure I registered here, like, the day it ""officially"" opened, Jan 14th.

Yes, that last post was just for bragging.

Although now that I think about it...

I had to go look. I was here 3 days after launch.

Nooo! I joined the 15th! I didn''t see it on EA until then. Grr.

Congratulations, guys!

To date this is the only forum I''ve ever bothered registering for and posting on. (And on my oath I''ve got incredibly high standards! :wink:)

I''ll stay here until the internet is nothing more than an archive of ancient porn, until the aliens bring back Elvis and until this vault''s waterchip breaks.

To the future!

Congrats guys! I haven''t been posting much, but the baby has GOT to get out of these terrible twos sooner or later.

Sooner would be better than later.

Game on!

I don''t even remember how I linked into this site, but you guys roxxor my soxxor

Even I dont remember when I first signed on. I was actually a month or so late IIRC.

GWJ, the site thats more addictive than the first weeks of an MMORPG.

edit: Hmmm seems March 6 is the date. I know thats the forum registration date because there was a few months when I posted on the front page without being registered in the forums.

Found the first article I ever read here, it was the ""Conference Call: Freelancer"" review dated Feb 27th. Guess I''ve been reading this site a lot longer than I thought. I didn''t register until October 27th. Man, has it only been a little over a month that I''ve been posting?

We really need to do another Conference Call. Those are the most fun reviews we''ve written, I think. Admittedly, they''re a little off-putting to some, but screw ''em!

It was an entertaining and interesting read. What got me hooked on your site wasn''t just the banter between the two of you, but from the fact that from one review, I got an actual sense of what you guys liked about games in general.

wait a sec...was the 1000th thread in this forum this thread?

[email protected]!

sorry if I''m late and missed the boat completely.

Yep, this post was the 1000th. I was watching because, yeah, I wanted to post it first, you caught me